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  1. Mcgregor was wearing green boots!! Fud!
  2. ?
  3. I've been thinking about the turmoil our club has been through and I'm sorry if this is a re post or this had been covered already! My biggest disappointment has been the fact that the players to jump ship at the earliest point they could've were mostly Scottish!! I remember a period just before Walter came back where all most of us wanted was to have a squad of Scottish boys who knew what it meant to play for Rangers! Who would Bleed Blue! How wrong we're we!! I look at the current crop of players we have left and think the Americans have showed class in the way they have stuck by our club! And to anyone who stayed thank you! We now start our Journey back to the top! I can't wait to rise up again and watch the governing bodies struggle until the mighty Gers are back on top and when we are let them bow to us WATP!!!
  4. I'm strangely feeling the same! I think the only area we need to strenghthen dramatically is up front! the rest of the team is more than good enough to challenge next year should we keep our full squad! Lets not be kidded, They are in no way any better than us . Mulgrew was their best player and we smashed them twice! They were like most teams good when things were going their way! I still feel that Lennon will cause a scene anytime he loses and will eventually lose his job for this reason! I reckon put a bit of pressure on guy's like Scott Brown who will bite EVERYTIME!! And their centre of Defence! This will bring success! we ARE NOT much behind Celtic in terms of Quality but we lack numbers as this year has proved!! I have a massive feeling we will be back stronger than ever after this debacle!!! I hope we keep our core squad as these guy's bleed Blue & have tasted success!! I reckon one or maybe two of our players will leave which will again make us stronger!!! WATP
  5. I'm seeing loads of posts where people still blame Murray for the mess we're in but i don't! Like most of us i was Taken in by Whytes lies. I just can't see how Murray is to blame for us entering Administration, This time last year we were about to win the league, The debt was between 14-18m, Down from 70m due to Walter Smiths tremendous management skills!! Whyte took over didn't pay PAYE or many other creditors as we've come to know them like Dunfermline Dundee Utd etc. This NEVER HAPPENED during Murrays reign, Yes we were in Debt but Murray ALWAYS seen the creditors right! But now it's we owe Rapid 1M fOR Jela, Hearts 800k for Wallace and so on. In my opinion Whyte Took a loan to buy our club, Thought we would qualify for Europe and when we didn't there was NO PLAN B!! This is when i think it all started to go horribly wrong!! I think the biggest mistake Murray made Before selling to Whyte in the last 5 or so years was not spending money on Mendes, Davis & Edu 1 week earlier than he did as our tired squad missed out on CL football!! Apart from that he did everything we wanted maybe not it the Big Eck or Le Guen eras but he certainly backed Smith!!! I think Murray spent way too much during the 90s but at least he spent Money.... Whyte on the other had didn't spend...Invest or Pay bills ..... I rest my case
  6. We can do without him if cars are all he's worried about
  7. Just read the articles in the Papers about Kyle Lafferty being suspended for not showing up for the Hearts game. Ally is right we should expect better from one of our own, A man who as a boy supported Rangers. I was more annoyed with the fact he has already been trying to engineer a move to the Championship through is Agent Tell me what the ten year old Kyle Lafferty would say to the man he has become doing this behind his beloved clubs back!! He would be Raging! Sort yourself out and realise how lucky you are to have worn The Rangers Jersey!! And most importantly..... Grow up!!
  8. I'm getting more worried by the day I hope Kennedy teams up with Blue Knights
  9. Having seen some of the players that have came through our youth system since Murray park was opened i reckon it has served us well when you think about it, With the likes of Hutton= made us 9m Adam, I Reckon we got around 2m all in. Thats not to mention Mcgregor who i believe to be as good as any around, But remember he nearly never got his chance. We can all argue that it could've done mor for us but i reckon thats our own fault and by that i mean the young guys don't get a chance to prove their worth to our first team, I reckon the Silver lining of all this Shambles of the last few months will be that we can produce good youngsters, Mccabe was outstanding yesterday & i believe given a run in the team he could be a top drawer player for years to come, Ness when fit is an outstanding prospect and the likes of Kyle Hutton getting more game time i believe we have good prospects I would love to see our youth players getting the chance before we pay the likes of Hibs & Hearts 2m for their prospects we have to believe in our own and get behind them to build for a succesful Rangers Future our players are good enough they simply don't get enough game time. Also 2 defeats in a row for Them and Two sets of outrageous comments from that we mess of a human being!! They say Lennon is maturing as a manager......No he isn't it was just going his way for a while, The same horrible biggoted wee man still remains in charge on the other side of Glasgow!! Super Ally has been a proffesional honorable dignified leader for us this year!! We breed class!!!!
  10. I believe Whyte is doing the right things for our Club. I Believe he has or is closer to making the wage bill realistic to what we should be spending given our income! Deadline day was horrible but i don't believe that our Club can afford to spend the money we got from Jelavic and the reasons for that have been ongoing for years! Guy's like Jordan Mcmillan were on £3000 a week! A player who has only made 3 or 4 starts since he was first brought to the club in the days of the First Blue Heaven tv program. Which has since had a follow up as we know, but still the guy made his money despite not playing regularly during spells on loan at Hamilton, Queen Of The South & Wrexham. Mcmillan stayed on our wage bill! John Fleck is on around £6000 a week! to little effect! Then we have the Actual big earners! Guy's like Beasley, Andy Webster, Steven Smith, Chris Burke, Hemdani,Velicka,Jerome Rothen,David Healy & James Beattie!! All of whom have failed to deliver in a Rangers Jersey! and these guy's mentioned are only from the last 3/4 years or so. We have spent so much money over the years on no better than average players! in 2008 we had a full team squad of 28 or 29 first team players all on big money that we didnt have!! I find it crazy that people are now giving Whyte grief when the previous owner and his board made these mistakes over the last few years! Not counting ...Prodan.... Flo.... Gayle... Ostenstad.... Thern.... Etc. Imagine Murray hadn't payed off or given hospitallity to the Journalists that he had in his pocket during his time?? THE HEADLINES IN HIS ERA SHOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH WORSE!! He took us to the brink!! He is the one that should be getting the blame for the mess we are in. As for what Whyte is doing with the clubs money. He is protecting our club by moving our assets and collateral to protect them from being taken from us due to the miss management by the previous owner!! Our Biggest problem isn't what Whyte is doing but what is hanging over us via the Hrmc Due to The previous boards mistakes! Lets not be kidded times are going to be hard for a few years but i want to watch Rangers until i die and i want my kids & their kids to do the same and so on, If it takes a few years of hard times to make that possible then so be it WATP!!!
  11. I know this because it's on the Official Rangers websiste & its a clip from Whytes statement. And we never signed anyone
  12. I have supported Ally McCoist in his choice of targets and will continue to do so. The timing of Jelavic's departure so late in this window is far from ideal and efforts to improve the squad will continue until the transfer window closes. Taken from his Open Letter to the Rangers supporters today....... Liar!!!!!!
  13. https://twitter.com/#!/Fourth_Official There is no way we can still owe money for that deal! This is the link to his page though
  14. Fourth official on Twitter is saying the fee for Jela is so low is because we still owe £1.5m for Michael Ball!!! Thats crazy if true
  15. We get better results when we play to our strengths, And over the last 3/4 years that hasn't been flair, Grinding results is when we are at our best we need to stop expecting fancy football. To be fair to Ally you can only play the cards you have. We have no money and times are going to be tough so get behind our Manager