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  1. No one wants us to lose crackpot.

    And we absolutely should go unbeaten. Our playing staff are far superior to the part time players in our league.

    I don't agree with you. I wonder what the more fixated anti-Ally brigade would say if you told them that a defeat at the weekend would get him the sack, some would take it (probably justify it as being for the long term good of the club, etc)

    Just my view though.

  2. Sadly I'm with you on this Goat .He just has not got a clue .The football quality against part timers is shocking .Every game we struggle until the second half where the part timers run out of steam .Its back to front football all the time because he hasn't got a clue how to coach them to play any other way .ffs I hear some say we have won every other game .Sorry we lost against Forfar and the quality of entertainment is zero for me .Spare us "we are lucky to have a club pish" it's two years down the road and we Havnt made any improvements on how we are playing the game .Infact for me it's got worse

    Worse than last season?

  3. By the way, if people don't like the style of play, then fair enough but the comments about not changing things seem kinda daft given that we have run out winners for 11 straight league games. Either we haven't had to change, or we have when required.

  4. Smith had 13 years of experience before taking the reigns, even working alongside the greatest ever in Alex Ferguson.

    Wasn't McCoist at about 7, mixed between internationals, champions league, UEFA cup final and winning domestic trophies. It's not like he took over as a rookie - if you are going to use Walter as a comparison, that's all I'm saying

  5. So, GOAT, before the season started did you give an answer to any of the threads asking about your hopes and expectations for the season and what would be successful, or does your fixed view on Ally override silly things like that?

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  6. Sounds like this has been an utter fiasco. Hoping that the player's pride and determination will be shown through in the second half, and I can still feel a win coming on.

    Weather is a factor purely because it is a bit of a leveller, but hardly a valid excuse.

    Off-field shenanigans clearly always have an impact, but the team are paid to do their job, so they need to get over it, it's just that simple.

  7. It's a pipe dream thinking we could play the kids and a couple of old heads and go all the way up the divisions. The expectations of the fans is far to great at this club to allow that, Nice thought though ... (tu)

    It is often forgotten that we do need to have a squad that will sell season tickets to fund everything. The excitement around Law and others has helped keep a positive buzz around the playing side, especially after the disappointment of much of last season.

  8. Somewhat depressing that responses to the accounts still fall along 'party lines'. Alongside all of the other amateur Finance Directors on here, I take something of an inexpert view on it.

    Overall the major loss is roughly in line with expectations pre-Newco around the amount of funding that would be required for a startup. We do have issues around the TUPE transfers of a number of staff (playing and non-playing) who fit outside of our wage structure. We also have a substantial overhead on general staff required to run a business of our scale which will be a drain until we return to maximises domestic revenues.

    The facts are that removing non-recurring costs still leaves us with a loss situation, this gap should be the focus: what commercial increases do we expect in this year; and what cost reductions do we expect. Therefore the key questions for the AGM should be on the forward business plan over the next few years and any additional funding requirements.

    Also, for any dissenting groups, the question should be on their alternative plans, nothing else.

    In general, without studying in depth, I am relatively comfortable with this overall position, but happy and keen to continue observing closely.

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  9. So after a amazing win and performance yesterday how is everybody feeling about our trip to Ayr next Sunday?

    My team would be

    Bell, Foster, Mohsni, Jig, Wallace, Black, Law, Macleod, Templeton, Daly, Little

    Subs Simonsen, Faure, Cribari, Shiels, Peralta, McKay, Clark


    5-0 To the Queens Eleven :uk:

    I probably wouldn't change the team from yesterday, unless we have injuries.

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  10. To be honest, the curious part of me is glad this blog is out, we might as well see different sides of the story, I don't believe anyone about anything at the moment, and remain hugely concerned at the way all concerned are conducting their business. And the sensible part of me is angry with whoever leaked the story and angry at this response coming via a blog.