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  1. So reading this thread it is basically if you question Ally on any of the following your a taig or deluded; tactics, formation, players, passing ability, coaching staff, training, youth, subs, wages, quality of opposition.

    If you will give Ally a season in the SPFL prem before deciding if he needs to be replaced as he is walking these leagues (hence two more years for the filth to be closer to 10IAR) you're pure dead staunch and a true bear.

    And here I thought the whole premise of the thread was that if you don't want to sack Ally you aren't a true Rangers fan who wants the best for the club.

  2. Actually it is not as much of a decision for Wallace as you think.

    In line with all areas of the business (like finance for example) he will look at how we do things, how successful we have been (youth development, building a squad with sell-on value etc), the costs of the staff involved and decide : could we be performing better (assuming promotion is a "given") at less cost to the business?

    While respecting McCoist's legendary staus at the club, a CEO can have no room for sentiment.

    Anyone who thinks it is not possible to win our way back to the top tier, develop a better style of play with a greater focus on youth and resale values and not be able do so with a coaching team costing less than half what we're spending now has lost the plot.

    In fact, if a CEO has a department running miles over budget (as compared to peers in our division) purely on sentiment - and he allows this to continue - then he's a piss poor CEO in my opinion.

    What about the budget when compared with the actual budget?

  3. A recent lunch with Graeme Souness and Walter Smith, his friends and former Rangers managers, will have brought plenty of reminders of different, more accommodating times. McCoist is resilient, though. While the club's future direction is being debated, his assessment is that his team needs reinforcements if it is to eventually challenge Celtic again.

    "If we're talking about winning the top league then we're miles away," he said. "I would hate that to be taken as a criticism of the team because it's not. But it would be very unfair for people to expect these free transfers who have come together to win [the] top flight. Some, if we got help with players coming in, could probably do it. But we would need investment."

    Isn't that just blatantly obvious?

  4. We must win it, we cannot languish in the Championship for 2 seasons, what money there is to be made is in the SPFL and a club our size need to be in it.

    This is the dilemma we have, keep Ally or risk him for another season and possibly blow it

    We should win the Ramsden Cup if not, Ally should go, if he can't get us to the SC final then Ally should go.

    He will win this division, he will win the Championship next season, he will win the Ramsdens both, why on earth should he resign if we don't get to the SC final?

  5. If our manager was someone with no connections to the club whatsoever and we were playing the exact same pathetic way we currently are, would you still be showing your backing to this man?

    If the answer is no (which I know most of you it will be but wont admit to) take a good long hard look at yourselves because you're holding this club back years.

    Given the circumstances which have hit us over the last 24 months, yes, I would still back a winning manager.

  6. If I were on £7.5k a week as Blackie is, I'd accept a 15% reduction in wages. In fact I'd accept in a year what he earns in three weeks.

    I smell greed in the air above Edmiston Drive and that includes the coaching staff.

    Don't be ridiculous. Greed would be downing tools demanding increases, expecting the club to honour agreed contracts is hardly greedy.

  7. This is clearly a very interesting story, quite a test of our media to see how interesting they find it, not just from a football perspective but more importantly from a taxpayer's perspective. If you'd asked me a couple of years ago about this, I would probably have just said that businesses are within their rights to try and work in as commercially sharp a fashion as possible, but I have been converted and now firmly believe in sporting integrity and fairness.

    Will be interesting to see where this goes, but certainly hope that we can get some advantage from their alleged financial doping over the years.

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