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  1. This is when glasgow rangers will find out who its true fans are not these glory hunting cunts how just support the team because we won titles, spl or thrid divdison doesnt matter as long as there playin will support them. RANGERS TILL I DIE NOT RANGERS TILL THEY DIE BECAUSE RANGERS WILL NEVER DIE.!!!!
  2. So when THE rangers football club win the league is that officaly 55titles or 1title
  3. Whats your fuckin problem
  4. Can any one help?? when the newco comes into play doesn our history get wiped or can we transfer our history over to the new co because ib the early 00s wen fiorentina got liqudated wen they reformed as a new team they still keep there history n titles???
  5. Is our history getting transfer to the newco or is that our history gone???
  6. Hello hello my follow bears just sayin hi am new to this