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  1. Other rounds aren’t interesting and viewing figures are never the same because we’re the big club. People only watch them when there’s nothing else on and they want to see if the police finally put paedophiles in jail
  2. It is that. Only big clubs end up playing constantly on Sundays on tv channels you’ve to pay for
  3. Nothing to do with your post because they’re all shite Jim, but do you mind why you got your username changed? We all seen you on Twitter being an apologetic fuck to that tarrier sympathiser the dude. He had a pally podcast with taigs and you backed him. I’d have banned you basically, that’s the point of my post here, especially when you came back the other day and shared a taig like screenshot about Tav You’re a wank, hope I’ve made my view clear
  4. You don’t represent anyone in court if you’re honest. Not in anything remotely worthwhile anyway
  5. It’s nothing to do with what order you’re drawn out because I’ve seen us drawn first and we end up the Sunday Only obvious answer is we’re the big club so we end up the Sunday and not on free telly. Like the big EPL games on sky sports for super sunday
  6. I think we’ll get by Hearts fine and I think we’ll win the treble. How’s that sound
  7. They’ve looked average all season. Even last weekend at home to St Mirren they went an entire half with I think one shot off target and that was it? Any decent side wins this league against this celtic side.
  8. Aberdeen by far the better side that half
  9. Shock horror they still look absolute dog shite btw
  10. Don’t understand how that’s not a foul in the buildup
  11. Leave a stadium half empty for a fucking cup semi final
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