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  1. Too greedy going forward, don’t see him developing any further.
  2. When Tav is fit again I think there’s a strong case for playing him in midfield, Balogun on the right of defence and selling Patterson with Aribo
  3. Can see the people that don’t give the club money and use illegal streams in here pathetic
  4. I use the PlayStation to stream it on to the tv. Hope this helps
  5. Unfortunately we won’t win if we play anything like this. Furious how lazy this team are after winning the title
  6. It’s a shame we can’t move him on before next weekend mate. They’ll be looking at him like he’s a man down, wouldn’t be surprised if he scored an own goal, what do you think?
  7. If I was the manager I’d be telling aribo don’t you think you’re playing in the middle next week because we will lose
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