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  1. I actually watch the women’s team every now and again but stuff like this is mind blowing and makes any suggestion that female players deserve anywhere near similar money to male players just absolutely laughable
  2. Don’t think they need to see vaccine certification for people that aren’t even in the same country mate
  3. Nah, it’s easy to fake those results. The lateral flow tests you can literally text the number saying you were negative and they send a text back confirming you’re negative
  4. If they tell you that you aren’t getting in you won’t be getting in mate
  5. Brilliant news, delighted this is finally happening
  6. I’ve no idea why Sky employ him, he’s fucking dreadful at his job. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him give his opinion and the people in the studio he’s in all agree with him
  7. Kyogo is possibly their version of Morelos when we first signed him. There’s a player there but he’s currently surrounded by a team of utter shite
  8. They are missing him because he was scoring goals for them, not because “ange ball” depends on him. Even with a fully fit squad they wouldn’t have the players needed to play the style of football Ange is selling them. He played against us and was that “ange ball”? Personally I thought it looked the exact same as last season
  9. Under normal circumstances if we were playing to our full potential I would be hopeful of at least a draw in this game. As it is I am going with 2-0 Sparta Prague
  10. He seems to have a real issue with eye contact with interviewers
  11. No, this is funny because it’s them. They could have spent the entire time calling him shite and saying this will never work and it would have been equally as funny
  12. Would you not just get a ST mate?
  13. Looking forward to this tomorrow evening
  14. Some of their fans actually clapping that Fighting not to get relegated
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