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  1. I imagine he is a very friendly figure around the camp. Actually can’t imagine him being very leader like at all tbh
  2. Think Grealish is a brilliant player, Sterling in recent times has just been rotten
  3. I can’t believe Sterling starting ahead of Grealish is even a conversation. It wouldn’t surprise me if it happens but it’s utter madness
  4. I never in a million years thought the Denmark Finland game would resume, I just meant the Belgium and Russia game should have no reason not to go ahead
  5. Did he just collapse? I’m in work so wasn’t watching the game
  6. I don’t see why Belgium and Russia won’t go ahead now that he’s apparently stabilised mate. They’ll probably do a thing before hand to show support for him but I don’t see why it should be called off
  7. I think you’ve misread something along the way
  8. Seen people complaining about ESPN cameras showing it, so it might have been an international feed as opposed to some BBC employee
  9. What’s that about mate? I have been singing your praises constantly. Let me know if you get any more info about anything
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