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  1. Loving the fact you feel the need to say "gee" instead of just the letter "g" which sounds the exact same when spoken
  2. You'd be aswell getting @ForeverAndEver messaging him on Twitter mate That's what I did throughout the summer if I had any questions. Always gets back to him
  3. If Helander had pace we wouldn't even have him at the club
  4. To be fair he penned a god awful message in the match programme before last season ended
  5. Can't see him ever dropping out of international football
  6. I thought they were alright We were quite shite this evening which probably made them look better but they certainly didn't seem dreadful
  7. That's awful nice of him, you can pay your tv licence now mate
  8. Take them all mate It's Killie away we need to be worried about
  9. Was it fuck shite Was a moving ball from a free kick so shouldn't have counted but it was far from shite
  10. Fucking embarrassing how they keep trying to wind Ally up about losing his European record
  11. Definitely seem to have turned a corner. Different feel to this season so far. Sunday is just massive
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