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  1. The Ibrox name should be sacrosanct. Sell the training ground name for whatever we can get for it though - no emotional attachment there.
  2. Because it looks like it was drafted in a hurry. It might not be a final version.
  3. I'm 48 now. My grandpa took me to my first match about 41 years ago through the father and son gate - remember that? Hooked since then. Rangers until I die. No question - no compromise - no surrender.
  4. I guess this will prove whether or not Green is the hard arsed negotiator he says he is.
  5. I review legal documents every day. That looks completely legit. Accepting point 12 would make us a complete hostage to fortune.
  6. The Loyal 13
  7. There's also HMRC's policy of not agreeing a CVA if they think there's shenanigans going on in the background. I don't know the details of what went on at Portsmouth but there's no doubt that Whyte's behaviour seriously counted against us in trying to get a CVA agreed.
  8. Newbie here. Left Glasgow 27 years ago, travelled the world, now back in the UK. Joined up because we need every bear to make their voice heard. Strength in numbers and all that.