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  1. Know its not much of a recommendation but a Benfica supprting taxi driver was telling me how much Pedro is respected in Portugal. Says he doesn't understand why is he being ridiculed for the caravan/dog statement when I explained what was said in the press after he said it. Very common phrase in Portugal apparently. Means people talk and make noise but we take no notice and carry on doing our job. He laughed when I said Bruno Alves has barely broke sweat in Scotland yet. Said we will see him get nasty when we play celtic.
  2. Enjoyed that mate. Need more guys creating new songs and videos like this. Keep up the good work.
  3. Honestly does anyone know what is going on with him ? Looked pretty impressive the few games he played. Getting stuck in, breaking things up and making good passes. Could be doing with him right about now after seeing today's performance. Does he even train with the team ? Or is he back in Liverpool ? Must be the worlds worst calf strain. 7-10 days away I Imagine ?
  4. Foderingham Wallace Hill Wilson Tavernier Halliday Rossiter Holt Miller Garner Windass Team full of legs.. went for Wilson and Hill as I feel Kiernan bottled it last game v them and Senderos not inspiring me at all...Feel like Hill and Wilson will at least have the stomach for the fight if nothing else...Bring on McKay and Kranjcar later on in the game...when they r tired so McKay can run at them and Kranjcar can find more space to play
  5. Davie Weir was a class act. Wasnt a gifted player but used his brain to play at the top level for years. Strolled it in Scotland even at 40+
  6. But the police match commander said it was a carnival atmosphere...
  7. Someone started a thread saying he was a waste of 1.8m....he's played 2 games. Barton n Kranjcar are lucky if they have played 10. Need time to gel and . Saturday was embarrassing but let's not hit the panic button and write off everyone n anyone.
  8. I was funnily enough when I wrote I on Saturday ?. He opened his mouth big time and didn't back it up with a dominant display. Which I hate. But he was far from the reason we lost. We have 2 pish centre half which is why we got a doing. We haven't been playing well all season but I'm going to be patient. Give players like Barton, Kranjcar and Garner the chance to bounce back and prove people wrong. As long as Barton keeps his mouth shut from now on that is. He hasn't been great this year and I was wrong to say he was our best on the park. Windass was. But he is a player who has played premiership n was player of the year in a team who play in a far stronger league than ours last year. Hopefully everyone is hurting from sat and they we go on a wee run of wins, play better and rectify that result in the December game. Starting with a comfortable win v Ross county. Needs to be sorted pronto but not going to write off guys just yet. Needs to just keep it shut and show a bit of character now. Do the talking when he's won.
  9. I have stuck up for this guy...I don't think he is a bad footballer but seemed to me the occasion got the better of him...he cost us the first 2 goals...feel I need to hold my hands up and say he isn't rangers class...I disagree with the joey Barton Critism...felt he showed balls first 20 mins taking the ball and trying the play...we lost 2 cheap goals first half via Kiernan...back to basics and hopefully revenge at ibrox in Jan
  10. Honestly despair at this thread...he is one of the quality players we have...watch the first 20 mins of the game...he takes the ball under pressure and distributed it well...the shit hits the fan when Kiernan loses his man at a corner then gives it away for the second...Barton plays centre half when Senderos goes off and tries his best...he doesn't try act the hardman which people feared he would...he didn't hide...the team was shite bit Barton will come good in the end Imo...roll on the December game v the tims
  11. Honestly...if people think Barton who won promotion to the premiership Last year as a key player for burnley, think he is our weak link they need to seriously look at themselves.
  12. Easy target Imo...I thought he looked good in the first 20 mins...brown cheated him in the 50/50 As he hit the ball before it hit the ground. We were beaten today via our centre half....I stood up for Kiernan but today he was abysmal...sender's is not the answer either...gutted tbh
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