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  1. Worrying Reality of last night

    where did i say it was ok ??? or that i was impressed my point is we have few if any international players and our wage bill is prob 2 or 3 times as high as Hearts, the recruitment is awful and we have players that are not good enough even ones that I thought were really good previously Tav , Waggy , Holt , Halliday , dont even think Lee Wallace is at standard or if he is he is certainly not captain material he should have been kicking arses last night on the park.
  2. Worrying Reality of last night

    Having given this some thought I actually am now thinking that hearts have better players than us ! They have a greek international defender Arron Hughes has played in the champs leage a morrocan international full back and the guy they brought in up front looked more dangerous than any of our forward and i think they paid 170k for him.
  3. MW Face Post Match

    the only way to turn this around is to make ourselves hard to beat and horrible to play against and i dont see him doing any of these things, Teams must love playing against us we are powderpuff in the tackle and rarely look like scoring now
  4. MW Face Post Match

    Dont know if anyone else has mentioned this but in his post match interview he looked like a guy that wanted out, I have been 100% behind him and thought his vision and style was the way forward for us but its clear its not going to work and he isnt going to be able to turn this round. 4-3-3 doesnt work in this league as teams pack the midfield and we cant play through them so end up sideways and backwards - meaning takes about 60 passes to get to the opposition box and by this time there is no space. we need to be on the front foot playing quick attacking football. The other thing is to me it doesnt look like the players are now playing for him either has the barton saga had the same effect on our dressing room that Mourinho's barney with the Dr had last season at chelsea. There is defo something not right behind the scenes also I would imagine Waghorn is pretty popular with the players and IMO has been treated pretty poorly given the goals he scored last season. But who could we get to replace him ? serious question I actually have no idea
  5. Fed Up !! things that need to change

    has it got to the stage now where he just blatantly wont change tactics as in his eyes it shows a weakness and him changing his beliefs? The one thing i took from Sunday was that 1up front when the wingers arent flying makes us look toothless. Nobody wants to go back to the days of hoofing it up to John Daly but the play has to be mixed up especially when playing garner thats his game he wants crosses.
  6. Fed Up !! things that need to change

    I do agree with maybe trying the 4-4-2 be interesting to see how teams coped with Waghorn and Garner in the box with two wingers putting crosses in but i would be inclined to maybe try 3-5-2 think we have the players to play it. Wilson , Hill , Kiernan at the back full backs wallce and tav , windass , holt , halliday and waghorn and garner would like to see how that would play out.
  7. Fed Up !! things that need to change

    I think the players I listed are SPL standard or above because they have shown in a number of games last season in cup games against SPL teams and this season even Aberdeen away they are more than capable of running the midfield main difference is last season they were full of confidence and this season clearly thats not the the case. Rossiter had played at a higher level than the SPL and was highly regarded down south think he needs a run in the team. Garner i believe if given the service will score goals and waghorn was flying prior to the injury and seems to have spent to much time in the gym if anything he looks too big. In his defence i have never seen the merits in playing him out wide. I am unsure about Dodoo not seen anything to suggest he is any better than the likes of Nicky Clark. Windass has the tools to be a top player.
  8. I am fed up with all the shit moaning after nearly every game this season ! I think we have to give MW and the players this season to settle into the league bed the new players in and settle the whole club down. Then we need to consolidate our position add to the squad and grow our reputation in the League and try and bring back the fear factor we have the nucleus of a team to build around. Tav , Holt , Halliday , Wallace , Windass , Rossiter , Waghorn , Garner , Hodgson , Fodringham. I think thats a number of SPL standard players or above so if we can then build around that i.e. A dominant Centre half to play with Wilson and make us a little more solid. Watched an old Rangers video the other night and it was the Rangers Revival interview with souness talking about the squad of 86-87 and he was talking about the squad he said they could play both ways they would look at the opposition and say "right chaps how do you want to play it today you want a battle ? or a game of football ? because we can do both" Not sure the current squad can do that they can play nice combination football at times but can be bullied possibly this is where Barton was supposed to fit in.
  9. Discussion "Mickey Mols" what could have been

    alright Mickey / Mikey haha it was early in the morning FFS
  10. The Word h**

    http://www.<No links to this website>/news/scottish-news/word-H**-not-considered-offensive-8975541 Not deemed offensive >??? is there a more discriminated group of people that Rangers fans ???
  11. Discussion "Mickey Mols" what could have been

    He was a one off special player ! and we are talking top quality players in the champions league he was unplayable on his day !! remember we played PSV who had Van Nistlerooy and Mols was head and shoulders above him
  12. Mickey Mols is one of my all time favourite players never seen a guy turn a defence so quick or work centre halfs so much on their own. I have long said had he not got injured we would have been lucky to keep him for another season or two. I am 100% certain that had his injury not been so bad he would have been better than Larsson. watched highlights of the Bayern Munich games home and away the other week and he ran them ragged on his own what we would do for someone of his quality now.
  13. *Question of The Day*

    In their prime who was better Kenny Miller or Nacho Novo ??? I love wee Nacho but think I have to go for Miller on this one has more to his game and apart from a temporary season of madness ! He has served the club with distinction and scored some big goals so Kenny for me but will never forget the wee mans penalty and the "Manchester May Not Be Big Enough"
  14. Unlucky or Unworthy ???

    possibly need to turn defence into attack a little quicker !! the possesion game allows teams to get back behind the ball also think we have a lost our big team mentality !!
  15. Unlucky or Unworthy ???

    Really don't know where we are as a team just now ! some of what I saw on Sunday was very encouraging for the team who has finished 2nd last two seasons we bossed it controlled the game but in inability to be mean defensively comes back to haunt us. We gave a way a cheap goal and was an uphill struggle from then on. Garner takes his two chances and we get in front then its a different game. I like the manager and he has done well initially but is clearly struggling to get something extra from the players. I think Garner isn't any better than Waggy through the middle so either play 2 of them upfront or Waggy on his own. MOH has to be in the team he has been creating a lot of chances with his minutes on the park baffling that he cant get in. We look to be going in the right direction but we need a morale boosting victory maybe it will click and we can take 3 or 4 of someone and then the confidence will come back.