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  1. Article today

    Someone needs to explain this to me ! Outrageous journalism ??
  2. Worrying Reality of last night

    where did i say it was ok ??? or that i was impressed my point is we have few if any international players and our wage bill is prob 2 or 3 times as high as Hearts, the recruitment is awful and we have players that are not good enough even ones that I thought were really good previously Tav , Waggy , Holt , Halliday , dont even think Lee Wallace is at standard or if he is he is certainly not captain material he should have been kicking arses last night on the park.
  3. Worrying Reality of last night

    Having given this some thought I actually am now thinking that hearts have better players than us ! They have a greek international defender Arron Hughes has played in the champs leage a morrocan international full back and the guy they brought in up front looked more dangerous than any of our forward and i think they paid 170k for him.
  4. All Barton Chat.

    Always clear that boyd is a Rangers man through and through ! I wonder how this would have all played out if someone like Boydy or Wee Barry were still playing i think someone would have had JB by now.
  5. All Barton Chat.

    have to say he is right on the money ! i was willing to give JB benefit of the doubt but he has shown himself to lack class and basic human decency ! not deserving of that Blue jersey and I hope we manage to get out of this contract and punt him back down the road. We were a lot better last night the pace and movement was back and Waggy's finishes were top notch