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  1. Nae chance of me getting flooded mate I’m boyant AF 😏
  2. Nicked this from twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/HorneSupremacy/status/1302589735282630657?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet Anyone else feel like we are leaving A LOT of money on the table by not upping the ibrox capacity? Surely we could slot in a third tier on the govan stand?
  3. At least we can laugh about arson 🥳
  4. Maybe it was the lionel litizi pic that got me banned?! That’s twice he’s fucked up my life haha 😭
  5. everyone bitches about the greeting faced bastard posts on here but the minute you try to post something for a laugh you get banned 🤣 get a grip and stop being soft touched cunts 😘 Anyone that sees this message my hat is off to you cause there’s no doubt I’m getting banned again and this is getting deleted like Leigh Griffiths hair 🤭
  6. THE SONS OF WILLIAM VS WLLIAM 2 it can only mean one thing! ORANGE DAY 2! Lestsgo!
  7. He may has well have been the tea lady, but my hat is off to him fore one thing...... he managed to con Liverpool out for almost 7 mill, to think we bought Pedro Mendes for about 3.5 😭
  8. When I heard him saying he asked for a job at Rangers the other day but the gaffer and management wanted to go in another direction I lost what little respect I had for him. These vultures think Rangers owe them one last hurrah how can Charlie Adam think he would displace anyone in our team right now? But he’d still want first team wages. All those years..... all those transfers.....all that money still got Madonna teeth 🤓
  9. Imagine the stories at an evening with....... “and that’s how I kept gerrard and the other boys waters extra cold so the could drink them at half time......” “And then walter played me against celtic and nobody liked it but I was goods at kicking the ball as long as it wasn’t moving” Boak
  10. Yeah done alright and when the media went to him when we were going under he could have helped us out and shown some support for the team that gave him that platform instead he said he’s not interested. Now he’s hanging about the club trying to get a last payment off us, he was barely good enough in his 20 s he’s no where near good enough now...... sick of the vultures hanging about the club looking to be relevant and it’s only going to get worse when we burst the ten
  11. Naw he turned the weans against eessss
  12. I have no idea what your on about but I will say when that the phrase what about his sisters nickers seems like a good name for his autobiography cause nobody is buying Charlie Adam i life of mediocrity and riding coattails
  13. Oh yeah forgot to say...... see you later you gapped tooth baldy headed pit bull faced ugly bastard. Away back to Dundee cause that’s always been your level
  14. Why is this pleb always creeping about Rangers/ibro, it seems the last 2-3 years he’s been trying to link himself with Rangers he’s giving interviews left righ5 and centre on what Rangers should be doing, he talks constantly about how he could do a job for us, how the gaffer should improve the team. isnt he the guy that said he wasn’t interested in us going under and this idea that he’s some sort of Rangers icon in the Mehdia has to stop! WAlter only played him in the old firm games and that was only cause he could hit a free kick once in a while. Charlie is your readi
  15. Anyone lost a set of wheels in the east end of Glasgow last night? Look like the used to belong to a wagon 🤭
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