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  1. my cousin did yesterday stating quite clearly the idea and was given warn status
  2. sick of timmy whingeing, just leave them to it, their fascination with the rangers will be the death of them, cant beat us, cant join us, WATP
  3. boab? river city? never heard of him
  4. see how good that orange day was!!!
  5. the money doesnt make me better than others no, but the least youb expect on a RANGERS forum is a bit of respect for fellow fans, thats all
  6. Fair enough, it did look like you were trying to make money off Rangers fans though. Also, I doubt anyone will buy the tops from that site as the design looks cheap. There's other websites out there that charge less and have better quality. I'm sure everyone on here wants Ibrox to have a better atmosphere. finally somebody who took the time to check it out and see i wasnt lying about trying to do a wee something for the last game at Ibrox, whilst making NO PROFIT thanks man appreciate that, everyone else just shoots you down, not bothering to research what i said about the prices
  7. your contribution to life is what?? sitting on a forum slagging another rangers fan?? well done big man, fcuking grow up
  8. a tim, i know their fascinated by the bears but i probably spend more money and time going to games than you do ya twat, sitting there all day on your wee playstation playing with your tadger to wee plastic men and women,
  9. her number is 0800 - i have herpes
  10. funny fucking guy how many times there was no profit to be made. on my site i charge £17.00 i take that to yourdesign.co.uk where they charge £14.00 and ship it to me, then i send it out using the other £3.00 to your address, NO PROFIT BEING MADE!!!
  11. toby all youve done is be unpleasant, not once have i made a remark against you, give it a bye
  12. but you lot are just interested in slagging off sumc*nt else, if thats all your here to do then why not feck off to one of the tattiepeelers forums, youll fit right in
  13. aye im a scumbag because i fork out for 2 rangers tops a year one for me and my daughter, i have a season ticket and used to drink in the glaswegian, before that was a regular in the grapes bar PRW. i buy the inedible burgers at the brox and go to the european games at home. Cant go to away games becoause of my wee girl, maybe a shouldnt say that, might come across as a part-time ranger FFS. sitting freezing cold playing st fcuking mirren in a stadium that lacks atmosphere, thats an opinion and a stand by it, theres no-one here that can say the atmospheres as good as the nineties or wee advoca
  14. right so everybody here wants an orange day, so what you all gonna do about it??? sit on ur arse and hope someone else deals with it??? a do that and am sick of it, one wee idea is all a wanted
  15. haha thats no my pic that a guy that registered on the site im a decent guy that wanted to make a change thats all, typical of our support cannae have a fcuking idea without someone shooting you down, same when you start the bouncy, always one c*nt tells you to sit the fcuk down forums are just as bad, gang mentality, and aye am in river city big deal, ffs cannae dae nothinbg nowadays makes you wonder why the fcuk you go to games anymore
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