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  1. calm down or you wont be back for long Wee boydie 9 says mr kplfishWank is thar sum kind of threat??????????????????????????
  2. All kidden aside fleckey 1 first off boyd is ma 2nd name dont no that am surprised u dont belive me a could put a tea bag in u your that much of a mug secondley rangers isnt just your team to defend its the peoples team and as i spend my money on merchindise and tickets for games i think im intitled my say thirdley bleeding red white and blue is a figure of speech dnt no if your trying to be smart or your just a bit slow time will tell and finally do ever wonder why thers a lafftery band wagon cause we paid 3.5 mil for sum 1 whos a under par player and at the end of the day every1 is aloud t
  3. Soz peeps had to nip out there. Wee boydies back back again flecky 1 your a tim guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back lol
  4. To these comments are ment for 2 tims in disguise who are using the ailas Walters got style and bluemc this ones for yous bhoys. Sniff Sniff Sniff Sniff some more wee boydie 9 biggest blue Nose you know Dont know ifs its the voodoo dont know if its the wine Uncle walter is a Hero fo mine. kNow am Blue No your not wee boydie 9 says fuck u and rangers will win the lot Wee boydie 9
  5. Hopefully thats the case Neilstonloyal but you never know. p.s whos this flecky 1 mug hud the cheek to call me a tim
  6. First off flecky boy if that is your real name Ma second name is boyd thats why i use it is ma user name duhhhhh second off whit tims call walter smith uncle walter lol mite star a poll on that lol Now ma third point the breakdown of your players you want tp leave lets start with david weir getting old but would keep him on as a defensive coach hes already worked wonders on celluer and bougherra and he could turn a certain young player with plenty of talent(and a dont mean john fleck- fleckey1) your 2nd player you want out the door wilson to be honest with you wasnt really concerned about losi
  7. Mr DJW 1992 I take your points on board but you need to remember with celtic having no champions league football means the play less games and will be more focused on the league. Boyd is Not as easy to replace as you think tell me were we would get a player who gets his amount of goals with the shoestring budget we are on? I do agree miller did have a great goal tally but this may have been a fluke goal season as you look back at millers goal history at past clubs he is more the work horse than the fox in the box and as for lafftery i told myself once he would come good but lets face facts for
  8. spread the goals between who? you could put lafftery, naismiths and flicks goals together and you would be lucky to get half of boyds goals. Miller had a good season for goals but doubt he will produce that amount next season plus we have also lost novos goals. love your optimism bom bay bad boy but come on son dont get carried away. Next season will be a lot tighter with celtic than you think wee boydie 9
  9. What does the future hold for Rangers now we know there will be no new buyer to save the day. Will more players Leave? Will we Replace boyds goals? Novos pace and passion for the club? will we retain the league next season? will kyle lafftery ever win a ball in air? Questions that we speculate about every day but are still no closer to the answers. My opinion is that without any new investors and losing key players such as boyd and novo and with doubts over the future of the likes of bougherra and wilson i doubt very much that we will retain the league let alone conduct or selfs well in the ch
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