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  1. Bit late to be posting on here but I bet you feel pretty stupid right about now.
  2. Why is MNF so important to Sky? I mean, they whip out the SkyPad and there is 1 hour of build-up before the game, compared to 30-45 mins for other games. Even for a shite game like Norwich v Sunderland.
  3. Who knows, maybe I'm just being too forward. It's not like I'm not willing to give the guy time to get used to the league. Maybe his performances will improve. Good point WilliamMunny, I hadn't thought about that. Still would rather have seen what Bedoya can do though.
  4. Why does he continue to play Ortiz? Not a dig at Ally here, but I would like to have seen Bedoya last night for 90 mins. It was proved last night that Ortiz cannot cross the ball, hardly beats the fullback and generally does nothing.
  5. Going to be a bit akward when Rangers hit 6 stars in 2017
  6. Has anyone ever noticed Gregg Wylde's tattoo? On his left wrist he has WYLDE with 5 stars below. A Rangers man through and through. Also, got his goal last night but he really needs to practice his crossing, along with Ortiz.
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