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  1. Milan captain Paolo Maldini was happy after the Rossoneri’s draw with Arsenal last night as Kaka calls for the fans to make themselves felt at San Siro.

    Although the Gunners looked the more likely side to score, the Diavolo will fancy their chances of delivering qualification on home soil.

    “We came back with a good result,†Maldini enthused. “In the return leg I’m expecting a similar game to last year against Manchester United and we can go on the attack when we need.

    “Arsenal are a very young side with a group of good lads. For me, it is always good to come and play in England where there is such a sporting culture and respect for opponents.â€

    Kaka agrees with Milan Vice-President that fitness was a key factor, but believes that home advantage can spur his men to success at San Siro on March 4.

    “We really wanted to win and perhaps we would have if we had shown a little more aggression,†the Brazilian star lamented

    “But the team was tired because we ran so hard and so it wasn’t such a bad way for things to turn out.

    “We need the fans to really get behind us now because we know we can do it.â€

    All I can say is thank f*ck Kalac was fit :lol: should be a different game in the San Siro, though just the dodgy away goal rule could kick in :(

    0-0 a good result, regardless of what happened in the game.

  2. wait a second though..... a question here

    are inter side who have been getting the favourable ref decisions in italy??

    it has been known yes, Milan and Juve are gettin nothing from Refs and Inter get penalties for nothing, even Mancini has came out and said he didnt think some of the calls being made for Inter were fair <cr>

    they are scamming it!!!! Moggi is working for Inter now

    reagrdless of whats happening in Italy though, I just find it amusing that based on last nights game alone, that the referee is getting called 'perfect'

    dont get me wrong, I cant stand Inter :lol: and this happened in a Milan Derby i would be all for it :craphead:

    I'm a walking contradiction aint I !!

  3. Rafa Benitez insists Marco Materazzi’s dismissal was “a perfect decision from the referee.â€

    The 2-0 victory over Inter came after the Nerazzurri played an hour with 10 men, as Materazzi was shown two very harsh yellow cards.

    “I think both bookings were clear and it was a perfect decision from the referee,†Benitez told Sky Italia television.

    :rolleyes: as IF, even the english commentators said the referee was a 'homer' and was giving the majority of the decisions to Liverpool.

  4. yasss Kalac to start :D just no one touch his fingers, massage them :lol:

    I have also heard that Sky Italia saying that Pato is to start from the get go tonight, wouldnt that be interesting

    kalac starting, pato might be starting....things are looking better than they were! we'll still probably get beat though :lol:

    oh be quiet you :P and show some optimism :bouncy:

  5. Reports in the peninsula suggest that Roberto Mancini was involved in a bitter row with Inter fans at Liverpool Airport last night.

    The Italian champions were left cursing their luck after Marco Materazzi’s harsh dismissal and two late Liverpool goals left their Champions League adventure hanging by a thread.

    According to Tuttosport, tensions spilled over at Liverpool Airport when some of Inter’s angry travelling support exchanged insults with Coach Roberto Mancini.

    Reports suggest that security staff were prepared to intervene as they feared a physical confrontation, but Mancio opted to walk away after a war of words.

    Meanwhile, there are rumours that the squad is less than united after a night of frustration.

    It has been reported that a journalist shouted, “What happened?†to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to which the Swede angrily responded, “Why don’t you ask Materazzi?â€

    Despite their fiery personalities, Ibra and Materazzi have always enjoyed a close relationship at Inter and the possibility of a feud will be a worry to Mancini, who is set to call a team meeting later today to review last night’s defeat.

    its not Matrix fault its the REF!! dumb Swede :craphead:

  6. whats with all these anti ac milan feelings :(:craphead:

    its not anti milan its just anti Italian football in general

    if it was the tims we were playing this thread would be full of FORZA MILAN from everyone :rolleyes:

    It wouldn't be full of FORZA MILAN as we don't all think we are Italian :rolleyes:

    We would be more likely to say I hope AC pump Celtic.

    same diff, you havent proved anything except the fact that the statement is true

    And your point is?

    This is a Rangers board and hypothetically speaking I would be more worried of the majority of our fans didn't want AC to beat Celtic in that situation.

    was just pointing out the fact that it wasnt anti Milan hatred as bluenose said but rather Anti Italian football hatred thats all, and of course i would be worried if the fans on here didnt want Milan to hump celtic, I have no problem with people jumping on the band wagon to support Milan for one game.

  7. whats with all these anti ac milan feelings :(:craphead:

    its not anti milan its just anti Italian football in general

    if it was the tims we were playing this thread would be full of FORZA MILAN from everyone :rolleyes:

    It wouldn't be full of FORZA MILAN as we don't all think we are Italian :rolleyes:

    We would be more likely to say I hope AC pump Celtic.

    same diff, you havent proved anything except the fact that the statement is true :pipe:

  8. Nice, might put a tenner on seeing as I need to try and makes some money, quick. anyway to do it online? I haven't gambled before im a bookie virgin

    if you want those odds you'll have to use ladbrokes. its easy to set up an account, you then put £10 into your account, go to football, select the 8 away teams then click bet now and your betting slip should come up on the right hand side, then enter your stake at the "accumulator" and then click place bet.

    cheers (tu)

  9. A depleted Real Madrid arrive at the Stadio Olimpico to face Roma tonight, but there is optimism in the Merengues camp.

    Just as Roma have been going through a tough spell after defeats against Siena and Juventus, Real have also endured something of a slump.

    The Spanish champions have slipped up against Almeria and Real Betis this month and are lacking some key men, including Brazilian marksman Robinho.

    “We are confident, even if it is a tough undertaking,†Real Coach Bernd Schuster insisted.

    “Our aim is to get through and to do that we will look to bring back a base for qualification from the Stadio Olimpico. But the fact that we have a second leg at the Bernabeu is a bonus.

    Meanwhile, veteran striking star Raul is keen to dismiss Spanish Press reports labelling the clash as “Francesco Totti v Raul.â€

    “It’s clear that this game is Roma v Real Madrid and not Totti v Raul,†said the man with 59 European goals to his name.

    “Totti is a great player and Roma’s star man, but they are more than just Totti because their entire side is full of quality.

    “The Giallorossi are a dangerous team as they are fast and tough to play against.

    “But we need to regain our pedigree in Europe and the Champions League is one of our main objectives for this season.

    “Totti said that it was a scandal that I didn’t win the Ballon d’Or? Coming from such a great player, I am highly flattered, but that’s all in the past now.â€

    Roma (probable): Doni; Panucci, Mexes, Juan, Tonetto; De Rossi, Pizarro, Giuly, Perrotta, Mancini; Totti

    Real Madrid (probable): Casillas; Ramos, Cannavaro, Heinze, Torres; Gago, Guti, Diarra; Robben, Van Nistelrooy, Raul

    Hope Roma can pull something outta the bag, but they aint been playing to hot in Serie A, well not as good as they were at that start of the season :(

  10. Inter Coach Roberto Mancini won’t settle for a draw at Anfield tonight, but he isn’t underestimating the threat of Liverpool.

    The Nerazzurri arrive at Anfield on a high to take on a Liverpool side in turmoil after a humiliating FA Cup defeat against Barnsley last weekend.

    However, Mancio is aware that the Reds have made overachievement in the Champions League their trademark and is approaching the tie with some caution.

    “The FA Cup is totally unique,†he explained. “We absolutely mustn’t take anything for granted.

    “It may also be true that they aren’t doing very well in the League, but it could be an extra weapon for Liverpool that they only have the Champions League to play for.

    “Last season in a similar situation, Liverpool knew how to play with pride and they reached the Final.

    Liverpool (probable): Reina; Finnan, Carragher, Hyypia, Riise; Benayoun, Gerrard, Mascherano, Kewell; Kuyt, Torres

    Inter (probable): Julio Cesar; Maicon, Cordoba, Materazzi, Maxwell; Zanetti, Cambiasso, Chivu, Stankovic; Ibrahimovic, Cruz

    predictions anyone ?

  11. didnt kno adriano went to sao paulo

    yeah and he aint having a good time there either :craphead:

    Sao Paulo forward Adriano was sentenced on Monday to a two-game suspension by the Court of Sports Justice.

    Adriano received the sentence after having head-butted the fullback from Santos, Domingos, in their game on February 10th in Morumbi stadium, Sao Paulo. Subsequently, the team of Sao Paulo won the game by a score of 3-2. Adriano ran the risk of being sentenced to a maximum penalty of 540 days suspension.

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