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  1. Apart from losing my passport and being stranded in Berlin an extra day , brilliant trip , the beer hall on the Saturday night upstairs was superb ! Wish i could do it all again tomorrow ?

  2. 3 minutes ago, LeeWallace5 said:

    Whats the best options for flying there and back? been looking all day and cant fond any of the deals mentioned in here.

    Think since the game was announced mate prices have just kept going up and up , would be trying different airports down south , we got return from Manchester for £40 but the price of that flight is up to £200 now ! Sure my RSC is running a bus trip there if all else fails ?

  3. Flights from manc , hotel in alexandrplatz and return trains to Leipzig all sorted now £150 each , can't complain 

    staying in h2 hotel at Alexanderplatz anyone else staying there ? 

  4. Looking at train prices through and back

    from Berlin to Leipzig on day of game seeing it around £35 anyone know if that's good/bad or better waiting til were over there 

  5. Just now, Smile said:

    So back on topic then Barton Yes or No.

    Well we are paying him 22k a week I wouldn't put him into the starting 11 but would give him the chance to come back and prove himself . A twitter ban for him should be in order Imo

  6. 23 minutes ago, fiftyfourtimes said:

    I got one but after checking it, it's actually my daughter who got it and I didn't. Will I be able to upgrade the ticket from a child to an adult? Bit of a fuck up in the first place, it's not as if an 11 year old can go without an adult. 

    They always give the option to upgrade child's ticket to an adult shouldn't be a problem , guy on my bus has had the same happen to him 6 year old got a ticket and he didn't 

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  7. 7 minutes ago, DavieAyrshire said:

    Surley this cant be a huge ploy can it i mean its his own account on betfred then the shite at training and his books due out next week .All we here from him is he is an intelligent guy but he bets online with his own name/account  i would call that thick myself

    If he does come back into the team he's going to need to do his talking on the park , should get a twitter ban from warbs! Can't see him playing again though 

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