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  1. Nah. Man United and Real Madrid's pro (authentic?) kits are sold for cheaper on the Adidas website
  2. Christ on a bike... Still hopeful for a sponsorless home shirt
  3. I was in Belfast for the OF game and the Rangers store there had nada in terms of player / Pro kits. What's the price? Would love to see some pics
  4. You don't eat ass? Fucking virgin Villa Park's Holte End was a wonderful atmosphere the few times I went. Went to a couple of Blackburn Rovers away games and the away support was flaccid.
  5. Any sign of this fabled commemorative fourth kit?
  6. I've noticed a visible difference between the fabric of the fan-bought home shirts and the players' ones from the Partick game. To anyone who has bought one, how has it held up in the wash thus far?
  7. I was excited until I looked closer and saw that nothing on this jacket is embroidered. All transferred. Castore can go and piss on an arse.
  8. I hope that this is genuine and sees the light of day, either as a training jersey or as one of the multiple home kits that Castore has hinted at
  9. That banner is way too large for my liking. Hoping it's closer to this one I knocked together
  10. Wolves' forthcoming kits have a transferred Castore logo, hope this isn't the case for the Rangers kits.
  11. I'm missing Duncan, he's energetic and steers a tight ship. Hope he has some quality time off and comes back refreshed for 56
  12. I'm hoping that the button-down collar whispers are untrue
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