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  1. I'd love to see a situation where we have a choice of buying a jersey without a sponsor. The Scum did that this year
  2. Hopefully a big badge with no stars too
  3. Phil Mac Grandad Neglecter has been hard at work on his blog. Poor man is really struggling to cope, it's even less coherent than usual
  4. Can you imagine the clean-up job? That sound system sounds wonderful though. And I can't stand Oasis!
  5. Not sure if this is the right place, but I just posted this on the Provisional Ireland Simpsons Fans facebook page. Very popular page but full of mhockits
  6. Would have lunged for my wallet if this had been a Pro kit version!
  7. How can I order in pounds? They're gouging us euro users
  8. I've seen stickers on Instagram in the past day or so with no scroll crest or main crest, I'm not a fan.
  9. I see they've RAISED the price of the Pro kit (only by €5 but still). Clowns.
  10. So what's the story on days like today? Do we refrain from calling in so that the Declans have free reign to cry and make tits of themselves?
  11. Dublin. Saw one guy wearing one at my university gym here about 8 years ago, that was it. Not one for jerseys as everyday wear myself but I'd wear a Rangers mask if I'm out.
  12. What's with the sponsor? I don't like the way it's so far down on the Pro version (bottom) vs the Mehmet version (top)
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