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  1. I got a couple of cheap scroll-crest ones off Etsy. Been wearing them around Dublin for weeks, haven't gotten any bother.
  2. Care to elaborate? I just got the rejection email from my application for a postgrad. Been working towards it for the past year (what with preparation courses online etc) and I'm pretty gutted.
  3. I coat the chicken in a mix of flour, salt pepper, garlic, and Schwartz paprika and onion chicken seasoning (I often end up using the entire little jar of the latter). Then coat the chicken in some beaten eggs before coating it in the dry mix again. Into a pan of oil at a hot enough temperature to brown the sides, then simmer, alternating sides every so often. This sounds very general; I've only made it a few times so couldn't tell you exactly how much time it takes etc.
  4. Kopparberg Berry or Kopparberg Londonberry?🇬🇧
  5. Dark (German series on Netflix. Great stuff). For some winding-down watching, I'm really enjoying The Scheme, but as a non-Scot I'm finding little bits of it nearly incomprehensible.
  6. Next time I compliment a man's food choice I'll make sure to say "no homo" Here's yesterday's breakfast anyhow. Fried egg, bacon, emmental and tabasco sandwiches
  7. Beef brisket ramen with a fuckton of garlic and (extra) spinach noodles on the side.
  8. Spare a thought for the owner who likely couldn't think of anything else to wear in its absence.
  9. Wonder how Morelos would feel if that's the case. If he'd he happier elsewhere then he'd be better off gone, no hard feelings to either party. This latest development is just giving Phil Three Names more to rave and gibber about.
  10. I mean the brick n' mortar shop on Castle Lane in Belfast city centre. I would have presumed the cash from there would go to the club! Happily waiting for the new online store instead if this isn't the case
  11. Anyone know when the Belfast store would be getting the new stuff in?
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