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  1. UEFA Euro 2012 Finals Combined Goals & Assists Table Updated after Spain 2-0 France... UEFA Euro 2012 Finals
  2. I've just updated my Rangers FC SPL Player's Squad Numbers page to include the recent changes during the January 2012 transfer window. Hopefully, there shouldn't be any mistakes but if you do spot one I'll be happy to make any amendments. Rangers FC Player's Squad Numbers 1998-99 to 2011-12
  3. I really wanted Giovani Dos Santos to succeed at Spurs. Unfortunately, he hasn't made the most of the (comparitively few) opportunities he's been given so far. I still think that there's a top class player in there somewhere, so perhaps a high profile loan move to Rangers might be the catalyst to get his career back on track. Giovani Dos Santos Career Stats
  4. The Spurs team against Shamrock Rovers were our second string & kids. I would expect only Kyle Walker to be in the starting XI against Arsenal on Sunday. Even so, on another day, Spurs would probably have won by five or six goals.
  5. THanks - much appreciated!
  6. Yes, he left for Bursaspor in January 2011.
  7. I've just finished updating Rangers SPL player's squad numbers from their introduction in season 1998-99 to the end of the 2011-12 summer transfer window. Hopefully, there shouldn't be any mistakes but if you do spot one please give me a shout! Rangers FC Player's Squad Numbers 1998-99 to 2011-12
  8. Yes, Rangers will play the first leg in Slovenia on 18th August with the second leg at Ibrox on 25th August.
  9. This might give you a head start... UEFA Europa League 2011-12
  10. As Rangers are my Scottish club, I'd love Spurs to get them in the UEFA Europa League. We've actually met before in Europe back in the 1962-63 Cup Winners' Cup when Spurs went on to become the first British team to win a major European trophy.
  11. I just watched the women's World Cup and I was very impressed with the football. I think it was a Mitre.
  12. The Scottish Premier League introduced Manager & Player of the Month Awards at the start of the 2000-01 season and added the Young Player of the Month Award the season after. Since their introduction, 99 Manager & Player of the Month Awards have been won, together with 90 Young Player of the Month Awards. Alex McLeish and Martin O'Neill head the Managers list with 9 awards each, while Barry Ferguson has won the Player of the Month award 4 times. Derek Riordan won the Young Player of the Month award 6 times. Overall, 17 of the 18 clubs which have participated in the Scottish Premier League have won at least one monthly award, the exception being Gretna. Rangers' managers have been honoured 15 times, with a Rangers footballer winning the Player of the Month award 26 times. The award for Young Player of the Month has gone to Rangers 7 times, giving an overall tally of 48 monthly awards. Scottish Premier League Manager, Player & Young Player of the Month Awards
  13. Christian superstition has it that 13 is an unlucky number, as that's how many people were seated for Jesus' last supper. By contrast, 13 is regarded as a lucky number in Judaism as it's the age when young men have their Bar Mitzvah and the number has various other positive connotations. In football, 13 is most often the squad number assigned to the first reserve goalkeeper in a squad. The only Rangers player to have been given the number 13 shirt during the SPL era was Antti Niemi in season 1998-99.
  14. When was the last time Berwick were in the Scottish Premier League?
  15. I know that this issue will open a can of worms, but here's why Ireland was "missing" from the list: Ireland has been a soverign and independent country since 1922. I wouldn't want to take anything away from their soverignty or independence as a Nation. Having said that, there are numerous historical, cultural, geographical, sporting and political reasons why Ireland and the United Kingdom have a special relationship and thus players from Ireland have been treated differently in the data to, say, players from Bolivia or Japan. You only have to look at the recent "Nations Cup" (also called 4 Associations' Tournament or Celtic Cup) to see why this is the case.