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  1. do you know what time the last pairing are due out mate?
  2. The biggest worry tomorrow is the Italian bothers (cant remember their names). They look to nervous and frustrated to me, although they where excellent on the 18th.
  3. started at 1.30, 6-5 usa, Westwood wiped the floor with woods.
  4. Farcical conditions at celtic manor this morning. should make it even more exciting.
  5. Whats happening with this? is it a no goer?
  6. Aww Dennis, that is so nice. However, I will let you in to a secret, I am nothing special. However, I can't see a future for us. You must try to move on, it will be hard, and I will always be here, however you have to try and not come on to me every few seconds. deal
  7. Evening Stalker not seen you for a while I love your posts sasa, I really do look foward to them.
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