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  1. You are everything that is wrong with our support... If you couldnt afford it or couldnt make it due to family commitments I could understand. To not go and support the team you supposedly love when they need us the most because you fear a crap game is pitiful.
  2. The team look nervous to me... We have a totally new back four playing tonight that is totally untested and this shows. No confidence from the midfield to go forward and support as they have one eye on the defence.
  3. I want to have his babies... teach them football from 6 months, turn them into the new Messi and only ever let them play for Rangers...
  4. Shagger would normally have that... one of those nights I suppose.
  5. the first arrow? I am watching pep4u.net but the FOOT6 stream... top quality but in Arabic
  6. Was it just me or was Jig limping a bit when the teams went off the pitch? Hopefully that will push Ally's hand.
  7. I have an amazing stream on Veetle.. pity it is Aljazera (what ever it is!!) so got Arabic commentary... it is also about 1 min behind so I cant steal a poorer quality commentary. Anyways.. great first half performance. We perhaps should have killed this game by now although there has been a few heart stopping moments. Agree that Naismith is walking a tightrope and we should get young Wylde on.
  8. Fuck me... we are starting to resemble a football team here!!
  9. 2-0 Jelavic to score first... 40/1 worth a wee punt Mon the bears
  10. Would much rather have Ness playing than Jig, cant see that this game will be anymore difficult than the weekend trip to Inverness. Although I appreciate it is alot more important. Sad to see Ness dropped but come on JIG, time to give us a performance. EDIT: Just realised that Ness has a groin strain... that might explain it!!
  11. I never said it was a new team.. I said it was a team still being built, the gaffer has stated he wants and needs a few new players. We did lack a creative in the middle, that will come from Davis when we eventually push him in the middle and I expect a new CM at some point. As for the defence that is a known issue and the club are trying to get player in. It doesnt excuse the comments coming from that fucking disgrace of a bear though.
  12. Aye, hes embarrassing himself... your a fucking muppet... one mediocre result by a team still being built and you come out with the disgraceful comments you have on this thread... its people like you in our support that make it harder for our team not easier... away and play with the traffic on the M9 you dick.
  13. Fuck it... could have been a lot lot better but could have been far worse. A point against Hearts on the opening day with a squad that all of the management team agree needs some new faces is hardly a disaster. Great second half guys... onwards and upwards.
  14. Why the fuck are people hating on Ortiz already. The guy looked pretty poor today granted, but it was a big big day for him and he was played out of position. Give the lad a chance FFS
  15. How many times are they going to tell us that the gaffer lost his last game as a Rangers player against Hearts.. and oh.. Jim Jefferies was the manager back then as well... away tae fuck.. it wasnt a fucking interesting fact the first time... its fucking boring the 25th time... fucking sky tv
  16. Come on Ally. First real test... prove the doubters wrong.
  17. Ortiz is looking pretty woeful on the left. Get Wylde on for Jig. Moves Davis central and Ortiz to the right.
  18. I was not critising the club, I agree it was out with the clubs control. I was however pointing out to people who found the whole flute band behind McCoist hilarious and big GIRUY to timmy, that there was a bad side to it in a PR sense. Of course there is nothing illegal about a flute band however it does ,as an image, represent something Rangers Football Club having been attempting to distance ourselves from. Unfortunately this fixture may not fit into Mr Whytes vision of the club and I would not be surprised to see it scrapped regardless of how we feel about it. Craig Whyte has already started to fight for the club in the media about the way we are portrayed. Our manager being interviewed on national tv with that sight in the background damages that Im afraid.
  19. That was a PR fucking disaster.. it gives them fucking scumbag's another fucking excuse to get up on their moral fucking high horse. The clubs image needs all the help it can get at the moment and having our manager interviewed with a flute band in the background in no way helps. I cant see Mr Whyte keeping this fixture over the next few years as it damages his investment. Sky Sports comparing it to the 12th of July doesnt help either... No matter how fucking funny it was. Anyways good run out for the lads and I got high hopes for young Hemmings, heres hoping he aint the next John Fleck.
  20. Aye, everyone knows Football Manager is a far far superior real life scouting tool.
  21. In my UK League I have a strike force of Rossi, Neymar and Hulk. The amount of goals we score is ridiculous.
  22. Yes there is. You use the Editor. If you dont know how to do it then I can tell you how. However beware you are opening a can of worms. If you up the transfer kitty you need to take into account the bank balance or you will put yourself in the red quickly. You also need to consider the wage structure. If you increase that then you need to insure that you are making enough every month to cover it. The easiest way to get signings is to NOT change the editor. Sell some player to create some transfer money and wages, then buy player on £0 up front all the fee over 48 months. Only 1/4 of the fee will be taken immediatley leaving you 3/4 of your transfer budget. Be warned though, you will need a good European run to insure the money is in the bank every month to pay for them... it is a slippery slope to administration.
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