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  1. While I agree Mayweather is a class ahead of him that fight doesn't prove that. You would struggle to give Bradley 4 rounds. Pacman completely dominated him from rounds 2-9.
  2. Haha. A was on fire for a couple of games there.
  3. Aw aye fuck sake. Join the game then get banned
  4. Me, Mcd and Aluko were tearing it up there.
  5. Random videos of Manny doing a Scottish impression :lol:
  6. Toprank declines to negotiate with Mayweathers team and will instead pursue a 4th fight with Marquez.
  7. Link doesnt work. Its not dead, its dying tho.
  8. Ortiz is a tune-up fight for Floyd before he faces Pacman IMO. Being a southpaw and all. Froch vs Ward will be good, have never seen Ward live and I have heard a lot about him. He is an Olympic gold medalist aswell so im looking forward to that one.
  9. Im the exact same Around 3 weeks I was in a shite sleeping pattern and doing no exercise and I started back last week and seen I had lost weight when I expected to gain
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