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  1. ok here goes hello hello we hate the boys in green hello hello we're loyal to the queen we're here to see the Rangers and we're Rangers till we die for we are the greatest football team
  2. might be part of sports package no sure
  3. full game on liverpool tv sky channel 434 tonight 10pm
  4. A man saves a young child from being mauled by a pit bull. bbc report 1 bhoy saves boy bbc report 2 Rangers fan kills family pet.
  5. OK first post so go easy my idea 6 countries supply 3 teams each team must have a B team in their domestic league at the end of the season bottom team in the AL gets relegated and goes back to their domestic league and their B team gets disbanded. 2nd and 3rd botom in the AL join the 6 champions from the domestic leagues (not inc B teams)and they form 2mini leagues of 4. winners qualify for AL both 2nd place teams play off for final AL place this would give potential for 3 levels of season ticket AL, B team or AL +b provide competitive football for our younger players encourage investment for the rest of the spl with a chance of promotion bigger crowds because they have a chance of winning something more sponsorship money,more tv money,better quality games what you think