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  1. Agree. People see him getting wound up and use it against him
  2. Agree actually. Had a couple of nice one touch passes as the hold up man where he found the player overlapping down the right. Spread the ball nicely a couple of times and caused problems running at them too. Needs to work on cutting the ball back though
  3. Wasn’t great and he’s an absolute nutter but if he’d got a toe on the end of the deflection after Kent’s shot then we’d all be saying it was a good performance
  4. I’d imagine it will be on the back pages tomorrow
  5. Those are the games when he’s valuable. Just sat between the defence and midfield picking up the second balls and keeping everything tidy
  6. Disagree but was very good today. Great block in the first half
  7. Was outstanding today. Turns so well and his ability to keep the ball under pressure is invaluable in these games
  8. Love Gazza. Really hoping he sorts himself out but think he’ll always have those personal demons. Hell of a talent though
  9. Quotes about Jack Wilshere joining Rangers from Xavi and Kevin Phillips ffs
  10. Outstanding player. Just an absolute machine. Loved him
  11. Won’t believe it til he’s being photographed with the shirt
  12. I’d be happy with Danny Welbeck up here tbh. Just been released by Watford but depending on wages he’d be a decent option
  13. I’ve no idea if this is a bit or if it is genuinely a bunch of mental South Africans 😂
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