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  1. Hopefully Defoe is working with him
  2. Kent should have probably been on the bench and coming on. He’s been shit but still a great part of the squad
  3. I know Tav scored a belter the other day and Patterson has been out but can’t help feel the young lad should be getting more opportunities. Just seems to be something missing from our captain atm
  4. That shot was a little optimistic. Showed a few things in preseason and players need time to settle in so will give him that. I’m glad we’re not relying on him as our first choice atm though
  5. Interested to see what happens. They were obviously gonna win and it didn’t change the result but rules are rules
  6. Ian Hislop is a smug cunt but good to see the story anyway
  7. If there’s Scottish independence then we’ll be told to fuck off out of the country by people if we supported Britain
  8. Some players just need a little more encouragement and time than others. But he clearly always had what it takes to be a Ranger
  9. Forgot Jullien existed. He must be back soon
  10. Edouard is clearly good when he wants to be but he’s been downing tools for about two years now
  11. Nobody actually cares about the songs. They just care about the reaction they can have to the songs
  12. If all four of those can become long-term squad options then that’s a huge win
  13. Yeah. Maybe I’m expecting too much. You can count on one hand the number who have come through but suppose we haven’t had that stability either. New managers don’t come in and instantly turn to youth when the pressure is on
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