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  1. Tav obviously first choice at right back when he returns but who would you have starting in his absence? Balogun has been a great professional and had a couple of good games but difficult to deny the improvement when Patterson came on on Thursday and it’s his natural position.
  2. It’s a tough draw but they’ll be saying the same. Not many bad teams left in it
  3. He works his bollocks off every fake and never hides. He has moments of absolute brilliance. He’s frustrating but if he wasn’t then he’d be playing for Man City or someone
  4. When he plays like that he wouldn’t look out of place in any team in the world. Outstanding
  5. Miscommunication then I think because that’s what I mean. I don’t think he’s got dramatically worse - just we now have better options than we did when he joined and (as you say) he’s a different type of striker
  6. You don’t think we’ve improved our forward options since he arrived?
  7. Still good enough to play but we’ve just got better in the time he’s been here. Wish him the best
  8. Great pundit. Actually talks sense about football which is strangely a rarity. Good luck to him
  9. Just can imagine them trying to overshadow it with a “new era” approach with whoever is next sitting in the stands while we destroy John Kennedy’s team. I don’t actually think he would step down but can just picture it
  10. Going two years without pay to help the club out when we were at our lowest is phenomenal. Sacrifices like that shouldn’t be forgotten
  11. The two previous seasons Gerrard did so much right. He rebuilt the team, had us playing great football and we were in great positions. The issue was that the team crumbled in the new year and couldn’t win any trophies. That’s a huge thing for a club like ours and some managers just aren’t winners. Walter was the opposite. Sir Alex was the opposite. This season Gerrard has been the opposite - even when we’re not at our best we keep going and find ways to win. I’m not sure whether it’s an experience thing or what but people were right to ask the questions they did after the poor form. This sea
  12. I mean... the alternative is that he isn’t very good as a 15 year old so this is definitely the better one
  13. Waiting for Lennon to “step down” a few days before the game against us
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