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  1. Not sure what this will do to the number of people claiming we can just sell a proven first team player and promote a youth player to take his spot
  2. I think he’s coming back from injury but doesn’t change the fact he’s awful
  3. Yes. Well done to Kudela for having to deal with being called racist after being racist
  4. Add in Kamara, Wright and Jack too I’d imagine. Most of us thought they were questionable signings
  5. I think Gerrard probably hoped that Zungu would offer a bit more than he has done. Aribo is one of the 10s really but had to drop deeper because we’re so light in the middle
  6. Could definitely sway things. Doig is probably the second best left back in Scotland atm but Borna is the best. I’d still consider buying him and loaning him back as I think he could be a 10 million player at some point but it would be money we’re not spending on immediately upgrading the first team.
  7. Difficult thing is that we don’t have that many holes to fill. Realistically if he went to them he’d start every week. If you’re not a fan of either team then can see why that would be more appealing
  8. Not sure Windass has the effort and attitude we need
  9. https://www.skybluestalk.co.uk/threads/gustavo-hamer.132278/ thread on the Coventry forum discussing it
  10. Some prospects can. Depends what the staff think is best for them. But we still have a team back here who are playing reserve teams so may as well let those guys play competitive games
  11. Great player when fit but at 29 this is a huge year for him if he wants to be with us long-term in my opinion
  12. Creates the majority of the chances in the team. If we had a big target man he’d score 40 a season
  13. Looks like he was on the bench for the few games before that. John Hughes compared him to Davis through so not a bad compliment.
  14. Must be better than reserve team football even if it’s just to toughen them up
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