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  1. Wilson was lucky to play next to Davie Weir. If it wasn't for Davie Weir, Wilson would never have gotten a transfer.
  2. Mcinnes talking sense about Sandaza needing support. We need to have 2 up front.
  3. Cribari is getting better every game. I think he will be a player. Perry needs to improve. Hegarty is just filling in at RB.
  4. That really is shite from templeton. He needs to get his act together.
  5. McCleod starting to get involved now. This game should've been ended by now.
  6. That fucking dickhead should be off by now. Still not been booked.
  7. We need to try and play some football here. Good play templeton
  8. Youi just know Black is going to go through someone here. He's taken so many kicks. Daft from McCallister.
  9. Forgot McCleod was playing. Need him more invoved. He's one of our most talented players.