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  1. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=344735145627043&set=a.103984426368784.3959.103512806415946&type=1&theater So this on my facebook and seems like a good idea.
  2. I was at the game and I didn't say he caused the goals, I'm just saying I think his performance was awful
  3. After watching this guy play in Div 3,I honestly think he shouldn't be a professional footballer.
  4. Ok here is a question what was your favourite match in the past ten years?
  5. Sandow you complete ignoramus
  6. Sandows face when the guy says he works with children ALL HAIL SANDOW
  7. Bow to sandow you ingoramus'
  8. Anyone watch nxt? There's a diva called Paige,she's from England and her family own a wrestling company.there was a documentary on four the other night about her and her brother trying to sign for WWE,I advise you to watch it
  9. Perhaps Lesnar to attack micheals then Tyson to jump out the crown and crack him
  10. Vintage undertaker
  11. I have a prediction that tyson will make an appearence tonight in the grounds that the new DOOBYA DOOBYA EE game has a mike tyson edition :sherlock:
  12. Everyones asking how laurenitus is going to be brung back,well maybe as an italian buyer of Rangers fc (De laurintus)
  13. Nah i have it all figured out,jericho was meant to win,thats why he was laughing.It was a botch
  14. But why was jericho laughing