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  1. beats me as well
  2. Don,t think for a minute that motherwell will do us, but that does,nt make anyone who does fear the worst an arsehole.As for fucking me off and being a bawbag you are entitled to your opinion. Try to get out of your bedroom more often,or at least open the curtains.
  3. So any Bear with an opinion is an arsehole fan! Laptop loyal strikes again.
  4. Wasn,t another day though,was it.Some people need to get a grip undoubtedly,but some need to open their eyes.
  5. Definitely Dumfries. Played for Glenafton at New Cumnock for a while before going to Queen of the South.Not seen him for a while,but he does,nt keep the best of health. Great player and a gent.
  6. Agreed
  7. Absolutely nothing,which was my point to op,albeit badly made for which I apologise unreseservedly.I have no interest in PS or anyone else. Merely commenting on irony(angrily)
  8. Fuck off with this. If you had any less understanding of irony you would be an American. We are Rangers,that is all.
  9. Ally has until Friday night to strengthen or this is our squad until our next window in January 2014.We need everyone from top to bottom to remember that on matchday,we are Rangers,no more,no less. Get a grip lads.
  10. Sorry to hear about Bro John C.My mother is 140
  11. SPL will roll this into the Sky package to keep them happy.Sickens me this. The price of our license will allow the sheep etc to survive.We are having to dance with the devil and Liewell is on the fiddle. Sad