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  1. Cg is a hero for not accepting the terms they offered . It was like the treaty of Versailles
  2. TheOriginalHobo

    FIFA 13

    fifas a pain in the arse man every time I beat a player they pull my shirt until im basically at a halt then take the ball off me with no foul given , your player also sometimes touches the ball about 3 metres away for some unknown reason when they pull your shirt , if theyre going to put shirt pulling in the game they should at least not make it so overpowered or give you the option to turn it off
  3. They're probs the only team in the world backed by arabs who aren't loaded lol
  4. If we play with the same tactics we did against motherwell we will thump them
  5. A want to go to a pub to watch it but am under 18 and don't want to on a dodgy stream that lags so much you see 20 secs of every minute
  6. Well , any pricks hellbent on going wont anymore cause of our form , that's one positive this pish form has caused
  7. On the way to the game , buzzing 4 goals for us , unsure if it'll be 4 nil or 4 1
  8. His goals are all when he comes into the centre but mate , obviously he's no gonny score from 40 yards or something out on wide right but he's still more effective up top and McKay is more effective than Little on the wing
  9. Lol , I was stuck between moving hegarty cb instead of perry and stickin argyriou on
  10. Hegarty Perry Cribari The Great Waldo McKay Macleod Hutton Temps Sandaza Little
  11. The same people moaning about ally no giving him enough game time would be moaning about ally if he did give him more and he got injured
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