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  1. Aye I'd imagine it probably is the younger Dembele considering the other one plays for Spurs
  2. He's been inspired by the World Cup. Out score every cunt
  3. Almost an identical signing to when we brought in Ian Black a couple of years ago. Decent SPL player but not much more. And it's not exactly like we've praised Ally for that kind of signing is it?
  4. I know i'm 7 pages late to this however i'd suggest its not so much about 'abuse' per se, as it is about every thread being dragged down by the same old shite. Not really anything one could report
  5. Hear hear. Rarely post anymore as, as you say, its just become a shitstorm
  6. Cribari is not getting a new deal. You're a spacker if you even consider this to be true
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