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  1. Kent has lost confidence watch him if he fails to skin a man it’s head down he’s not back chasing like he did and was he not ypoy last season??????
  2. That’s the spirit suppose we should stop going to the games then and just let the team throw pies at empty seats.
  3. Aribo and Kent fails to beat a man and heads go to fuck! They need a boot up arse!
  4. After goal we stood off them should’ve been in there faces getting tore in!
  5. Good strong team and shows faith in players like Halliday who hasn’t played but able to step in.
  6. 12yr old that sounds like he smokes 80 cigs a day.
  7. Tav should refund everyone today for being utter pish!
  8. This is a common theme on forums do not look too deep into it Davis imo should be captain he is excellent and born leader.
  9. I believe you’re a non believer and need educated on believing young man. 55 will be glorious
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