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  1. Exactly what's happening. Surrendering the title coz the board don't have the means to challenge the mob. Shameful stuff by this charlatan board.
  2. Today is the day we see just how much this board really want to stop 10 in a row. This is it.
  3. There won't be a safe effective vaccine buddy. Sorry.
  4. They have vaccines but they take so long to test and ensure they are safe. We don't want cunts having babies in 12 months growing 2 heads or even tails or people falling down dead after 6 months of getting it. Vaccines are dodgy as fuck. The worlds leading minds have had at least 8 months to find something to combat this virus and they have failed. There is going to come a time when we just need to live with it and people will test positive as they would with a flu or cold. People will die with it like the flu or cold. It is what it is. Time to get back to normal and if cunts catch it, they ca
  5. Clearly not if you are saying this was yesterday. The issues first arose months ago. If we are still having problems yesterday then nothing has been done about it. A fucking disgrace is what it is. A mickey mouse mob.
  6. Thank Christ, had no idea though you know what these things are like.
  7. I'm going to be absolutely honest and say i don't think Besic is good enough for us. Take away the fact referees would never allow a thug or enforcer type to play for us, i don't think technically he is good enough. Makes mistakes, commits poor fouls and doesn't keep possession near well enough for a midfield player. I'd be extremely underwhelmed if we went for him. A game of opinions. That is mine. If we are looking for that type of player they need to be better than Davis, Kamara and Jack. For me, he is not at their level.
  8. Exactly what it is. Appeasing idiots.
  9. Should have been a one off statement and never done again. Every idiot choking to chase ambulances all over the place. It's embarrassing.
  10. Utter shite and a complete irrelevance.
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