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  1. If anything, Kent is over played, but who do we rest him for when he's not scoring 3 a game or assisting 3 a game ? He's one of the best players we have had since the dark episodes we have had, and would slot into most EPL teams. He's probably fed up playing against diddy park the bus teams, to be honest when you have to come at a team all 90 minutes with them parking the bus, I see why players get put in a daze and start playing bad.
  2. He isn't getting the credit as a player he should by being on the bench as long as he is.
  3. From a management side of it, hagi and morelos were the wrong choices to come off. Itten works perfect against park the bus teams and needs played from the start v teams like that. There will be tonnes of moaning, but I don't think we played bad at all up against a brick wall of players. We are still very comfortable. Not a thing to worry about! 55 is coming.
  4. One sloppy defensive play and they get a goal, they haven't done anything else. Our play is hindered with over passing and players wanting to many touches on the ball. We'll win this, don't worry.
  5. Just saw they drew today...waw!!! No doubt now where the league trophy is going hahaha 55!!!
  6. I was only a young boy when it all happened and thought my Dad was always exaggerating when he told me that the tim mates I knew and all the tims we had in the street, and all about will make it known what they really feel. I say really feel because all of them said to my face they don't really care about football and its a joke we celebrate league wins at all, mates Da's the lot said these things constantly! I thought fair enough my da was just a tad extreme about things...then suddenly they know they had won and stopped our ten, same Da's laughing in my face on buses, in streets, in sho
  7. Absolutely no chance and laughable! He's trying to kill the feel good vibe of our fans, and he's trying to get people out of thinking and talking about their disgrace in Dubai, as well as their disgraceful furlough decision against their own youth.
  8. I think these sort of games need Itten used longer, his hold up play is very useful and I believe will be really effective against Motherwell, I think this game might be harder than the Aberdeen game. Really hope Morelos is still itching to bang the goals in and keeps up his new found form.
  9. This is why people think the EPL is the be all and end all, because of over hyped tits like this with over inflated price tags. It's nowhere near as big a league as people scream about. Good, yes, great? Nah!
  10. His smile is going to be just as famous almost as 55, it's marvelous.
  11. I get what you mean about the bang average players going for ott fees, I think everybody has seen this for years, we have too many fans pandering to the English fans that they are the top dogs of football and its just all hype mainly for the reason you say about exaggerated price tags for players elsewhere that would be valued £5 to £10m at best. The pandering to them makes me sick.
  12. That's the very one, cheers. He seems to want to stir up Scottish football fans. I never caught that he said that SG should take the Bournemouth Job, what a clown! He definitley has a girlfriend issue and some Scottish guy involved haha
  13. I think you are having an argument with yourself here in a way, nobody said that Rangers wouldn't struggle like you have mentioned and Fulham arguably are as you say much better, but its daft to be just writing them off like it's for real without the contest actually taking place is it not ?
  14. I can't remember his name, but it was a conversation I'm sure this fellow was having with Ally McCoist recently. Its on youtube.
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