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  1. Your maw should have said about her ....you know what tam.
  2. It's the political stance under the SNP that's stopping such a thing as us moving league. If we hadn't been thrown down to where we had been cast down to, it woud have happened already by a country mile by 2021, latest a couple more years from now. Let your little minds ponder on it. As for keyboard gangster comments, comedians, people saying we aren't needed elsewhere despite the fact the old firm being one of the most viewed derbies on Earth in a tiny league..maybe the most viewed on Earth as i heard working in Manchester and many places down south, people trying to play Einstein about a typo here or there.. i dunno.. go fuck yourself? Gerrard was not just brought in to destroy them as he has done already, he was brought in to gather momentum for us to do battle imho to be considered elsewhere to play. It will happen despite the current English based fans saying otherwise when we rid ourselves of the SNP, and i see that coming round the corner. Get excited about fucking off from Scotland, because it is happening!
  3. Back to followfollow where the layout is normal. Cheerio fannies. Try enjoy 55 without depressing other people.
  4. I give what I recieve. There isn't any debating with a unreasonable human being is there?
  5. If anybody does not like the topic just stop making posts fishing for likes with your pales. Its easy to state why you think it won't happen or could happen that we will move league one day or not at all. Trying to look like a keyboard gangster and comedian fishing for likes on a newbies topic just makes you look like attention whores. You just ruin a person making a serious point either way by trolling and fishing for likes. If you get confused amongst your many trolling posts, look at the original message!
  6. What shit clown? It's a topic about the possibility about maybe moving league or not..end of story dickhead. Stop trying to be a comedian fishing for likes like a fucking loser! Or just ignore the topic if you want to be an attention seeker about it. We could easily move league in the future, that's the bottom line in my opinion, now fuck off and fish for likes elsewhere. Wankers like you just ruin people's possible debates.
  7. Should send 55k say it's on the Champions.
  8. It's still a possiblity for a later time, that makes it non fantasy, not exactly pie in the sky is it. Like somebody already said, money talks.
  9. More like the look of the care bears or someting...it's right weird!
  10. Thus the Prophet and his crystal ball has spoken!
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