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  1. No more years of hurt!!! 55 is here !!! OMG!!! Yaaaaaaaasssssss yasssssssssss yassssssssssssss yasssssssssssss
  2. United are a terrible team to watch, not one of them can hardly dribble much.
  3. Waahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!!! It's going to be a total stroll drawing into the last game. Champions!!! 55!!! Wonder what Lennon will greet about now.
  4. Right boys! Enjoy the game now. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Who knows we might have as much fun next week!
  5. I'm not trolling, by all means continue with the videos against the scum. Might be something I enjoy from you.
  6. Who's next in line with the wee clique, seems rocky the internet champion and his wee kiddon gangsters are bored making an arse of themselves.
  7. Aye the e instead of a is a typo. The amount of people actually on my case because I handed a clown his arse is what is embarrassing!
  8. Hahahaha believe me if you knew me, you would know how how much of a cunt you just made of yourself!
  9. Tarrier ...fuck sake that is embarressing! Have you no other insults... jobbie mouth sounds like a p5 insult mate
  10. Scooby? Junkie talk I don't know about..but you'd probably fit the Edinburgh most junkie list ? Born a coke nose
  11. Fuck off with your warning. If I can't express myself like other people and you are an admin, then be a wanker and ban me! No skin off my nose really, Rangers is always there!
  12. Hahahaha what a come back that is, you are clearly no your pal rocky the internet champ tamcoopz! Only a person who knows how to spell know.. well..how to spell, doubt a junky would spell it right ..like you didn't. That gave me a good chuckle. Keep off the wine.
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