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  1. Hello dear,

    How are you doing to day?I hope that everything is OK,

    Please i will like you to write to my email address: (joyraymond02@yahoo.com)

    In brief, my name is Joy Raymond ,a good looking nice girl.

    I became interested in you after going through your profile and i wish to continue relationship with you which if nature will permit we have a long way to go.

    I ...

  2. alright hows it going love

  3. My boabys oot ae action so naw yer no getting me tae dae yer servicin scary lady

    1. cstamomusa
    2. *SuperNatural*


      Scary auld wummins hintin she wants serviced Help ma boaby.

      Mad auld stalker

    3. cstamomusa


      lol I thought you had posted in the wrong thread.

  4. I think it's good to have the old boiler serviced, new things just don't last the same these days!

  5. Get a fuckin life people some sad fuckin cunts oan this site

  6. You do realise what you have posted on my profile is regarded as a hate crime!

  7. Why do you keep coming back and leaving comments? You must have issues and many of them!

  8. Anyay, I'm defo away now jobby jabber, ill speak tomorrow - mind and empty the condom before you re-use it

  9. says the homosexual lmao ....

  10. You are one defected individual.

  11. 've never denied I'm homophobe. Get used to it, faggot.

    Night night mwah x

  12. Well at least your true colours came through, shining bright!

  13. Wind up merchant.

    Besides, I hate faggots. I don't even know if you ae one or not, but I hope they all die anyway.

    Night night.

    PS - add to your post count tomorrow or something...

  14. I'm used to it. I'm not quite sure your comfy lmao

    Hope you get aids from unprotected sex

  15. I'm here I'm queer get used to it!

  16. Who the feck's that? lol

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