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  1. Never been interested in trawling back posts so I have obviously missed the fact that you organised some sort of donations box for the club but good on you if you did. You would be amazed at the time and effort it took from a lot of people to get the whole R&B thing going and how many people gave their time with absolutely no thought or wish to "profiteering" as you put it. Maybe one day you will get the chance to hear the full story about these loyal fans who did what they did for the love of Rangers and wanted neither cash nor thanks for it - but I tell you what they don't deserve you
  2. Heard about this post so I thought I better come on RM just to fill you in on a couple of points that are obviously disturbing you. I received a call asking if there were any Red & Black scarves still available as a couple of people had asked the question on FF - I may add that this call did not come from MD I pointed the person in the direction of the Ticket Office and explained that any money raised was going directly to the Rangers Charity Foundation as we had donated in excess of 1000 scarves to them. I believe that the Charity Foundation has already made a four figure sum from sales
  3. Over 3000 sold online in less than 48 hours plus the bulk orders for supporters clubs so we have had fantastic support so far. There appears to be an issue on RM regarding RST but neither myself or Stu are anything to do with RST we just asked for advice and assistance regarding the redblackrangers.com website and I have to say they have been outstanding. I can't understand the problem with the Red and Black colours and people saying they have nothing to do with Rangers when they are part of our tradition - baffling Anyway , thanks to the guys on RM who have supported this project and I hope t
  4. Hi Guy Been receiving some texts about negativity on RM regarding the Red and Black scarves so I thought I would register for RM and give you an insight into how this started and what is currently happening. Lots of people were talking about raising money and how they could help Rangers in our current plight various ideas were being banded about but nobody seemed to be doing anything. I was looking into the idea of copying the Man U Glazer scarf, i know it is copying them but hey we needed an idea and it seemed to me to be something we could adopt. I went on FF and saw that Stu had started a p
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