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  1. My worry is same as always is games like this. A team full of bheast sympathisers out to inflict injury on us.
  2. As long as ,3hrs from now ,it’s still the last time they beat us who cares
  3. You can edit your mistakes by tapping the 3 dots and choosing edit
  4. Ironically, regarding the house of cards theory, our success in the Europa will still give the scum a shot at the CL , however unlikely they are to take it,for finishing second.
  5. Since there is no evidence that a vaccination prevents transmission rather than serious illness I’m pretty sure they are still a risk to others. Shame they won’t be allowed to do whatever they want
  6. Which is not a guarantee of winning
  7. It’s not even 11 . If they win all their matches ( stop sniggering at the back there) we need 34 more points to guarantee we win the league
  8. The bheasts had 8 players in tonight’s team who played against us last week. Nowhere near as weakened a side as they will make it out to be
  9. They got it on international duty is what they mean
  10. They can still put out a team of first team squad members so not counting chickens. Would like to think the spoon burners will battle like they did against us but not holding my breath
  11. Gerard Butler and Rod Stewart flying in by private jet.
  12. They have a 29 or 30 man first team squad. 13 close contacts plus management have to isolate. They have more than enough players with first team experience to fulfill this fixture and unfortunately to possibly to win it.
  13. Exactly, it’s there in black and white for him to read. It does seem very harsh as it was clearly accidental but that doesn’t make it an incorrect call
  14. As long as they calculate mathematically impossible using last seasons calculator I’m fine with that
  15. If they are not forced to play we should be telling them we will not accept any season extension and will be taking legal action if they don’t award us the fucking league if it shuts down. Precedents will come back to bite the cunts
  16. Hardly surprising given that COVIDs main enemy is soap
  17. They will find a way to give us another hard away game
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