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  1. I think the rest of the squad will be somewhere else. We will be playing a b team at best by the sound of it
  2. Surely wee krankie is all in favour of thousands of Scots going down south
  3. Going to Porto already guarantees a crack at the champions league so don’t think that will hold him here.
  4. The problem is that these type of “challenges” are blatant cheating and really should get a red but the counter side is that it would lead to players “attempting to win the ball with a tackle” which could lead to some bad injuries.
  5. They lost 2 goals in 7 games. Defence was not the problem
  6. They’re also making a big deal of people without tickets rushing into the stadium. Obviously forgotten the hordes of Scots trying to climb over the wall to get into Wembley in the past. Dont approve of fans using violence to get in but when you see the like of Tom fucking Cruise sitting there you can understand why real football fans get upset at not getting a ticket
  7. I get what you are saying but the EPL has improved through the mass import of high class foreign players due to the stupid money thrown at it. In some ways it combines a decent level of skill and some old fashioned blood and thunder that makes it attractive to watch. Like you I have thought throughout that England have not been as good as some seemed to think but imo they did better than expected, helped by the luck of the draw. If Southgate stopped being so conservative they could be a good side.
  8. I think some have lost sight of that fact. England were given an extremely favourable draw and home advantage but still came up short. Too much was made of England thrashing the likes of an appalling Ukraine side and edging out a decent Denmark while Italy had to battle through against Belgium and Spain. Italy were always favourites in my book and won deservedly although England hung in there mainly due to a superbly drilled defence and Italy losing one of their most dangerous looking forwards during the match. No disgrace at all for England but no doubt the best team won
  9. Italy had changed sides long before 1945
  10. In all honesty the best football team won so the right result in the end. Don’t think it would even have got to penalties if Chiesa didn’t get injured
  11. It appears some have trouble realising the pope isn’t Italian and the Vatican is a separate state that just happens to be located in Italy rather than part of Italy
  12. Exactly. Don’t know everyone’s circumstances but in my case I’m partially retired meaning I work about 8 or 9 days a month. Plenty of time to watch what I want.
  13. If Spain had a top class centre forward they would be almost unbeatable. Unfortunately they dont
  14. They are great defensively but I’m not sure England have the creativity to break down the Italians. The last 2 games have shown they can tough it out.
  15. 28 ish years down here for me and unless we are in direct opposition it’s normally just as you say.
  16. Italy have had to beat both Belgium and Spain to get there. I think both those teams are better than England so have Italy as favourites but not certs given England’s home advantage.
  17. There have been some great games.
  18. I’m not against England winning. I’ve lived down here long enough to know the petty hatred for England by some scots isn’t really reciprocated.
  19. If Italy win I believe they will have won every single game (17 in total I think)including qualifiers . That would be an achievement
  20. I’m only quoting what the actual laws of the game say . I can’t answer for the refs decision making
  21. According to FIFA laws it only matters if the second ball is interfering with the play. Looks like the ref got that bit correct at least
  22. True. All modern players go down if their leg hairs are brushed against. It just seems that it is acceptable to throw yourself to the floor at every opportunity. In my day it was called cheating
  23. Whatever it takes in semi finals is how it usually works
  24. If the Danes somehow fluke an equaliser England could be in trouble with penalties.
  25. Just brushed the back of his knee by the look of it. No way that contact made him go down though.
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