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  1. Jelly is for paedophiles 😂 Is that the level of intelligence threatening me ? Now I'm really shitting myself
  2. I'm fucking shitting myself wee man Who the fuck you think you are acting like a keyboard gangster on a football forum. Wank.
  3. Maybe we should all complain to UEFA we're offended that a club who has ex employees in prison for child abuse thinks it's ok to turn their European games into a Jimmy Saville edition of Top of the Pops
  4. I think paedo is the perfect public version to call the manky bastards and when they cause publicity by complaining to the authorities it will only raise their shameful past and the current compensation pay outs. The media will have to report on the chants and I would imagine it will gain momentum around other stadiums as it's already doing. Their shameful past should never be forgotten just like our illustrious past wont.
  5. One word ? Singular 🤔😏😆
  6. Send a picture of you're Rangers top with "BJK 55" written on a piece of paper beside it 😂
  7. So erm........eh You're one of them 🤔
  8. Not at all mate all good. He knows I think he's a fanny though.
  9. Why doesn't Stevie G like subs ? Who the fuck knows 'Berk'bear Maybe he just prefers McDonald's Fucking mongo.
  10. Don't talk to you're old da like that on here son eh no it's embarrassing keep it for when you're wiping my arse son
  11. It is and guess fucking what ? I've only just saw your Mrs in the BBW category of pornhub haven't i
  12. So if half of Rangers fans get offended by the word 'H***' then fifa a will ban celtic scum for singing it ?
  13. Stevie G will be embarrassed by this, he's always praising the fans so I'm sure he'll be aggrieved by it.
  14. My Mrs is Catholic and the word doesn't offend her Call her a fenian cow it's water off a ducks back Call her a fat cow and well.......that's a story for another post one day 😂
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