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  1. For me it was always going to be a 3 year project to get us to win the league again. No way the board would have sacked him given the level of improvement in his first two years but as someone says earlier , it's all worked out to perfection in the end and that's all that matters.
  2. Confident we will take all 3 points today but expect a tough match. 2-0 Rangers.
  3. I'm not counting any chickens just yet but I'm really enjoying our football and position in the league....... I'm more than happy with that - for now.
  4. I detest bullies...... disgusting to hear a young, vulnerable football player being abused in this way. Scumbags. At least their crimes are now out in the open. Hope they feel ashamed of themselves.
  5. Thank fuck the wee man found his scoring touch today or we would probably have dropped points. Well done El Buffalo
  6. Connor Goldson interview from today also.
  7. Thought he summed up the day quite succinctly, We are now firmly in the driving seat for the title. 55 is coming home!
  8. Brilliant and moving video Jules.......... well done mate..... thanks for sharing.
  9. Stevie changed the game with the introduction of Hagi........ he's improving as a manager game by game. I only hope some big , cash rich English club don't try to tempt him away before we secure 55. I just love the guy.
  10. Think the big man and the rest of the defence ( and keeper ) were outstanding today. As SIMA says - we now have 4 excellent CB's - which is great for competition.
  11. Cheating bastard to be more accurate mate........ disgraceful behaviour - even by his very low standards.
  12. World class save from a world class keeper. The best British keeper playing the game today! Even Steven Gerrard says he is world class. I rest my case.
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