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  1. He was excellent when he came on and really turned the game with his skill and close control. Deservedly MOTM. Just to agree with an earlier poster - he needs more protection from the referees in this country......that was a straight red all day long.
  2. I'm confident well get the three points. We better cos I'm going to the match
  3. Unfair imo. He needs more time to show what he can do imo.
  4. Cracking player ..... possibly our best player since the start of the season. We absolutely stole him from Charlton We could easily sell him for 8 to 12 million but I'd rather see him play in a Rangers strip than cash in on him for profit.
  5. Superb result for Scotland last night. Hope we qualify.I think we will.
  6. Very possibly Thermo. He has an impressive CV so I wouldn't rule him out if Stevie Gerrard leaves for Liverpool in the next few seasons. He gets us which is a big plus in his favour if he threw his hat in the ring for the job.
  7. And 2 well earned clean sheets. Thought he had a great game today So pleased for our young keeper.
  8. Outstanding performance from the big man today. Easily man of the match. Well done big fella, you shut a lot of mouths today.
  9. Fair comment mate. I agree 100% he should be answering those types of questions too.
  10. Looks lazy and/or unfit. Needs to up his game bigtime if he wants to make it at our club.
  11. Good post. Agree with all of that.
  12. So sorry to hear this dreadful news. Sending my best thoughts and wishes to Ally and his family at this difficult time.
  13. Not sure it's a wise move for Barry's career but I wish him well.
  14. Brilliant interview....... just love the guy. Hope he stays another year or two at the club - even if it's only in a coaching capacity.
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