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  1. When your own fans start booing you, you can almost bet there’s a few of his team mates not happy with him either. His presence has to be a fairly serious disruption to the day to day dealings with the squad. Best case scenario for us is they keep him all season.
  2. Very sad news. We met Ally at Ibrox when he was doing hospitality for the 2019 League Cup Final. They say never meet your heroes but he was an absolute gentleman that day. The result didn't go our way but when we all got back to Bar 72 he hung around till it closed and spoke to every single bear in the place. I was so impressed with him I went back just before we left and shook his hand and thanked him for making a poor day just a little bit special for me. Thoughts go out to his family. RIP Ally
  3. I truly can't recall anyone who has looked so uncomfortable in front of the media. He appears so flat and despondent it's beyond belief. The guy is only a matter of weeks into his dream job and he looks like a rabbit in the headlights. It's clearly early days but if he doesn't lift himself the mood in the dressing will be god awful. If this guy is still here at Christmas I'll eat my tree!? Fucking delighted!!!!!
  4. "Celtic will be allowed around 9,000 fans at their Champions League tie with Midtjylland on Tuesday, and Aberdeen 5,655 at their Europa Conference League game with Hacken two days later". We better get the numbers increased at Ibrox!
  5. How'd ya know he was meaning the American version??.............................
  6. How many times have we all seen this? Shitebag players, who know the team they're playing with is shite and looking like they'll struggle to win, so they start pulling up with knocks/niggles rather than face playing in a side that may lose and get criticism? The scumbags want no part in it so take the cowards way out. Hopefully that's what's happening here
  7. I'm certainly hearing mixed messages about this. Radio Snyde will have you believe they've sold over 50K ("the fans renewed in HUGE numbers, again") and I think the club themselves have alluded to them having sold lots. You do wonder where the truth sits given no 10IAR, a 'rookie' manager and no signings of note.
  8. ...............and a tidy missus!!
  9. Big decision to make for Andy now. He's a legend but looks like his title winning days are long over. How much more does he want to put his body through chasing ghosts. He has an amazing fighting spirit but you also need to know when it's over sadly.
  10. Feel kinda dirty but had a quick peep on KDS to see how the new contract for the thumb has gone down. Some great responses to be fair "Yep, next stage will be the fingers in the ears or finger to the lips when he scores his first goal of the season (probably in October)" "Can’t wait for the finger over the mouth celebration when he comes on the pitch on the 75th minute and scores the 5th in an easy home win over Ross County, then is subbed on the 85th blowing out his arse" "How are the players supposed to take all the chat about Ange not suffering fools gladly, demanding high sta
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