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  1. Absolutely. It's silly shite but it's hard to shake once you hear it. Jim Duffy on SSB last night had me turning it off
  2. Is it just me or has anyone seen the recent meteoric rise of the emphatically spoken word “BUT” when football pundits and callers into radio shows use when talking about anything in relation to the game. I promise once you hear it, it cannot be unheard. The great Kris Boyd is a serial offender at snapping out the loud and resounding “BUT” to punctuate a sentence. SSB pundits are also at it all the time. I don’t know if the Scottish accent just makes it more pronounced. Listen to any of them, Boyd, Duffy, Keevins, McCoist, Gordon Duncan and they do it all the time. “Rangers playi
  3. Clyde's version of Michael 'loadsa medals' Stewart
  4. I've noticed that too to be fair. Saw this the other day. The first number in the co-ordinates for Ibrox....
  5. I did manage a bit longer but almost called the Samaritans to check in on him
  6. Charles Patterson on SKY Sport News sounds like he could greet!
  7. Have Liverpool not been decimated by injuries this season. Surely the board will recognise that and Klopp won’t be under any immediate pressure. Hopefully he will want another crack at the title next year and hopefully SG will be the same.
  8. Bunged up sounding cunt! Painful to listen to the nasal drivel he spouts. Should be put out to pasture!
  9. I agree. I think Liewell's departure and the release of this statement are no doubt linked in some way.
  10. Edit - Apologies, full thread on the CSA report already in the BD.
  11. What's the deal with that horrendous font they must think is cool!? It's unreadable sometimes.
  12. That's like Gemma Collins coming round your house to give you top dieting tips
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