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  1. Written by Maurice Fitzmaurice!
  2. Something does seem to stink when these high up officials at other Scottish clubs only start squealing about corruption and bias when they're on their way out, like Dempster and Milne.......
  3. I'm thinking along these lines too, They've got a week to line someone up to replace TLB. They will get scudded in the San Siro in all likelihood on Thursday so that dead rubber gives them a little breathing space. So I would expect they may make the announcement soon after that. I sadly expect someone new at the helm of the piggery by next weekend. However I do think they will have a real struggle to find anyone daft enough to take the job under these circumstances. Happy days!!
  4. "And it is the first time Celtic have suffered four successive home defeats since January 1958"
  5. Oooooffffffttttttttt! That's shocking! How they think that will get the players back on board is just beyond me.
  6. Sounds like Clyde have drafted in Kate Adie to cover the protests at the piggery
  7. CE013A57-5743-4153-9579-71C928E2378F.MP4
  8. Congratulations mate! That’s an impressive milestone for an exceptional poster. Here’s to the next 5000. Well done and I look forward to your next 5000!😊👍🏼 Here’s to you gmcf!!
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