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  1. What's the deal with Alfie tucking up one leg of his shorts?? I noticed the ref telling him to sort it out, which he didn't seem happy about
  2. This, this and this again. I still believe it's all in our hands but we need to show we want it soon or this is going to be a slog.
  3. Sounds like what Sean Connery would say to Q when he's asked how he got out the window!?
  4. Comes as no surprise. They've been after all kinds of boys for 50 years.
  5. Can't be long till he signs on at Aberdeen!
  6. Both a pair a pricks but Keevins is losing it. Even Duncan is getting frustrated with the shite he spouts. "Rangers fans don't care about the quality of our football" FFS....
  7. He is an auld prick. Never tires of slipping in 'in the days of quadruple trebles'. Prick!
  8. Delighted but we're a hard watch just now. First time in a while I'm looking forward to the international break because I need it after today!!
  9. Some of our squad must be pissed off they didn't get moves away after finally delivering 55. We should probably have punted a couple and freshened things up with more quality. We look utterly spent.
  10. This! Much rather he limps along and does a half arsed job of things which keeps him in the dugout. There's always the danger the next guy they get will be better.
  11. I just hope AJ and Fury can both win their next fights so we can finally get this unification bout on. Any other results might throw the division back years. Fury v AJ would clearly be massive!
  12. Stop! It doesn’t have to be like that
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