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  1. Just because ....
  2. Waghorns on fire We've got Joey Garner Ole Ole Ole, Jason Holt & Halliday Andy Haliday, Andy Halliday, He Hates The Pope And The ira, Andy Halliday Jason Holt, Holt, Always Believe In Your Soul ..... Dodoo Dodoo Do Do Do Do Do Lee Lee Super Lee, Super Lee McCulloch Oh Harry Harry , Harry Harry Harry Forrester Oh Barrie Barrie, Barrie Barrie Barrie McKay
  3. Horrible horrible news, RIP Ugo
  4. Hopefully he does well with them
  5. Got it In "Other Channels"
  6. I don't have CH 117 ... jumps from 116 (BBC4) to 118 (ITV2) ?
  7. Now seems as good a time as any to re-post this
  8. Dodoo for me
  9. I used "Silence Of The Sheep" when we beat them at Ibrox
  10. A couple of fan videos of Dodoos goal I found after I finished the video .... but hey-ho .....
  11. This pic says it all about his character ......
  12. Sad news, thoughts with him and his family
  13. Brilliant!
  14. It was like the videos I used make in League One or our first year in The Championship ... painfully mind numbing
  15. Cheers Thought he might have made a go of it, maybe not at us, but somewhere else at least.
  16. That's no problem