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  1. Yep having met him .There is no bigger smug cunt than this guy He belongs there .He won’t get a gig anywhere else ,without having the usual tarrier link
  2. Need some over at east end of Glasgow .Where it will annoy them more 🤣
  3. Immense performance from Rangers that day .
  4. That’s the best description of him I’ve heard 🤣 aloof bheast loving condescending bastard that he is
  5. Good summary as usual from yourself 👍 I always loved the way Andy would have the confidence to walk the ball out of the area before launching it to one of our players .In those days with big Marcus winning everything up top.It put defences under P most of the time
  6. Both are magic .Trying to separate them is like a couple of 10 year olds in the playground . And then slagging one of them off to prove am argument .We only have our own experiences and our own opinions . Both have has moments one way or the other
  7. Did he shag your mrs on something 🤣🤣
  8. We will have lost 10 in row due to him next .Surprised at you Graeme .I have to disagree with all that .He was never rotten at any point in his Rangers career .Only time I can recall thinking that was the Heats game away ,which I was at .Where he got off to a bad start losing a horrendous goal He recovered from that and become the absolute legend he was between the sticks
  9. Jesus 🤔Ok after that .I’m out
  10. Naw .I can’t ever recall Goram having a shambles .In fact he was outstanding in 2 massive OF games back to back that should have resulted in us winning a double .All this nonsense is growing legs ,with people that haven’t witnessed his outstanding contributions in the time he was with Rangers Both are outstanding but it’s only Goram for me .On all counts
  11. I disagree there mate Goram stayed with us through thick and thick .Greegs disappeared at thin Love them both but let’s not confuse that issue
  12. I wish no Rangers manager would mention a scum manager or player by their first name .They would never ever have a kind word to say about anything Rangers .Even to make it sound like they are agreeing on something . Although I’m happy he is at least addressing the scums hypocrisy and the Sfa’s double standards
  13. Yeah that’s what I was hearing .Like the Europa was beneath them Cunts haven’t won a trophy for years too🤣
  14. Was listening to Scholes earlier about Utd .And the other pundit .Honestly these cunts think they are Billy bigbaws .At least we have a manager, that always shows empathy and respect . Makes me wonder how we would be getting on tonight watching this game .
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