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  1. Certainty .By then Duffy will have cost them more points
  2. They never last year mate .Count on nothing at the end of this Yeah it’s much better sitting watching with the carpet slippers on 😃
  3. Would be fantastic .Coupled with another 2 Duffy defensive masterclasses 🤣
  4. Good to hear mate although their new striker looks the real deal from that showing
  5. Killies Pitch is a nightmare .Never once seen a quality game of football there Massive game for us though
  6. Are you sure mate .There is footage showing Duffy clearly pushing him and giving it up as a free kick for a second .Then he realises ,he got away with it
  7. Tweets kicking about showing the clear push that Collum ignored today .And another Brown elbow in someone’s face .And a 10th foul by McGregor for the sheep’s last min pen ,having already been on booking .
  8. That’s good to hear .Although they did give Benfica a game last week Confident though .6 points going into the Benfica gams would be massive .Almost like 1 win from those games and we would be through Would be perfect scenario with the league being the most important
  9. Of course it is .No one more happy than me .I was referring to the second half .
  10. Who’s complaining .I said the second half was shite ffs . The scum dropped points .I won 100pounds .And we won
  11. Dreadful watch this second half .Just dreadful .Taken the shine of a brilliant day
  12. I hope to fuck , they keep him in that team . He is the absolute certainty, to fuck up any hopes they have on their side
  13. Yeah that always baffles me tbh There's guys that come on here for one upmanship and nothing else . The usual crew
  14. He gave the sheep 2 blatant penalties today . That's it . He is the lodge.
  15. I would have taken a draw .I’m over the moon 😂😂
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