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  1. It's on their site to be fair . Yet Collum not sending him off for the incident was suspect as fuck for me .
  2. And some of them won’t want to shift either .Because if the money they are on .It isn’t easy to move players on ,just like that .They are fucked 🤣
  3. Absolutely mate .It can’t be a career ender mind .That’s already happened 😄
  4. Fair enough mate, but I'm sure you would have enjoyed seeing Brown being sent off
  5. Was hoping for that at the weekend but we still score 0 on the dark arts of the game .We just know ,they would have been winding up our players ,if it had been other way around Hopefully we give it to them next game at Ibrox
  6. I don’t either .He is completely stringing them along 🤣🤣🤣It’s going to be a great summer
  7. I like this one fellas We will never forget their pain and how their embarrassing support dealt with this season .And blowing 10🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Agreed. And this is this weekends cause .Still have to beware and go out and win the game. Lose and it’s a step back ,no matter what bravado we give it . Simply have to win a Scottish cup tie against them at Ibrox , for first time in 56 years . That should be our cause to qualify that ,only played once and it was a draw .Still needs correcting though
  9. It’s a kick in the balls to many bears that support Rangers .It’s hard to believe these 2 guys are playing legends of our club .Both so out of touch with our feelings towards TLB
  10. Ally is nothing but an apologist nowadays .Guff like this, reminds me of the bad times ,rather than the good under him .He is one grovelling apologist with so many of our enemies .It gives me the heave If it has been Ally and the situation was reversed .Not one of his new friends ,especially the taig ones would not have given a fuck about defending him .That is the big difference
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