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  1. We are that far ahead now .I have to keep checking the league table to confirm what’s what 🤣🤣 A real lead of 14pts now assuming they win their 2 games in hand 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. One of the best OF games I’d ever been too .I was on the track giving the scum large GIFUY .It felt like the title had swung our way .We just didn’t account for Willie Young the following week giving the sheep everything to undo the 2-0 going on 4-0 win we had just earned against the scum
  3. Can’t remember any bear thinking that with a dodgy trip to Aberdeen the following week
  4. Should be the only thing being discussed in the media .Everyone of them.
  5. Too right .There’s always more where that lot are concerned 😄
  6. Fair point there Tam .Probably right but you know me .I like a conspiracy 😉
  7. And let’s face it .They need someone to throw under the bus to take the heat off big time And they can change the whole narrative
  8. Just maybe he had a lot to do with something that went down over there .Clearly we will never get the truth
  9. The victim card played straight after too .
  10. Can you ever imagine any cunt with balls to even suggest this in Scotlands media Even with Durham at the wind up . No chance
  11. Good shout . That is exactly what will be going down . Probably have a zoom after they make the decisions on the Killie and St Mirren appeals
  12. The Sfa and Maxwell fucked it already . The Spfl who are fully responsible for the fixture change and agreeing to this trip . And not a peep from them .
  13. I said yesterday , they would backtrack and I'm getting a little of that tonight .Not one mention of the SPFL approving this chaos . Surely to fuck there must be someone wanting answers from them . Among many other things .Who am i kidding . It's a bheast show for a like minded audience
  14. They love a porkie , these bheastly hordes
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