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  1. He loses all credibility when he infers to "strong" in the second claim, which was a clear dive The guy is howling at the moon with pish like that
  2. That’s how I seen it .I would be demanding one there
  3. And Mclean not refereeing the scum for best part of 2 years at Scumdome will surely be changing now
  4. Agreed .Stupid new rules .Would not have been happy if our pens were given against us today .And there’s was a pen for me .We can’t have it both ways .First time in yonks ,we got the decisions .Guess that’s it for another season
  5. Hivs had more chances already against scum than us last week As expected though .Missing them all
  6. Just listening on the radio .Top ref Mclean the ref for the scums game at bheastville ,first time in 2 years Astonishing .How many has Clancy had in this time 🤔
  7. When was last time we got 2 pens away in the league 😂
  8. Rangers fans reported to have turned up outside with flares today I think that’s what the OP was alluding too
  9. Had little bet of 5-1 and didn’t look like coming up at 5-0 .Cashed out and got buttons .Incredible
  10. For once .I’m glad I cashed out at 3-0 😄Think this has 6-0 all over it now
  11. Hope you are right .Most of us hope you are .Todays been a canter .
  12. We would not be getting these pens against the scum We seem to always get the decisions against Motherwell .Think these refs must hate them more than they hate is Quite ridiculous how many decisions we are getting today .Madden now done 2 away ties and been pretty good .Wonder what’s going on
  13. Porteous will be first player booked tomorrow .And Mclean that little cockroach will give them everything
  14. Rothbottom for the Gazza one and maybe you mean the game we lost 3-2 and VH committed the worst tackle you could see .And Thompson let him off .Giving them a penalty to win the vital second OF and ultimately help them towards the title in 2008
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