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  1. Would love to see that on the big screens at IBROX. Just as we are about to kick off against them.
  2. Well said kris boyd. About time that ransid club got what they deserve. Pity no one at the sfa/spfl had the guts to stand up to them.
  3. One can only hope that they start to come down with covid. Would serve them right.
  4. What facts? Just because you say does not make it so.
  5. Must be as you say so. He how knows all.
  6. Off the top of my head twice. Gearts abd aberdeen.
  7. How many times have ceptic lost the last league game costing us second place.
  8. Ask frank mcgarvey and his st mirren team mates, how mutch they tried.
  9. They have got away with everything for years, from bottling young Rangers fans to hanging those dolls, now they think they can do whatever they like. Would like to think plod are filming this evenings events but probably not.
  10. Look's like tlb's mate are circling the wagons for him. All the players fault.
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