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    Duff & Phelps out now

    Can just see Shitehouse and Clark lording in up over the Summer at the Sandy Lane bar in Barbados with my Season ticket money. Makes me sick.
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    Why do some on here dislike FF

    My post about big Laff was clearly a joke. They didn't see if that way.
  3. Facebook

    Why do some on here dislike FF

    1200 posts. Made a comment about Laffert being a "7ft circumsised cock" and got banned. Pricks
  4. Facebook

    Well funded London based consortium

    Simple placeholder. Pull your pants back up boys... http://indepth.news.sky.com/InDepth/topic/Falkirk_FC_And_Scarlett_Johansson
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    Simply The Best

  6. Facebook

    Simply The Best

  7. Facebook

    McGregor Attacked: sourced on BBC

    My first post on here but I am not a taig. I suspect I will get called a troll though. Heard from my mate who is a journalist with a Scottish tabloid that rumours are rife in the office that it was his bird that gave him a doing. The police can't find any CCTV of him in Bath Street on the night in question and certainly not of him getting attacked, he was meant to be seen looking ok getting into a taxi. He also reckons, although this is his opinion, that the blood on his back was from her stamping on him with her heels, fuck knows how she gave him a black eye though. Could well be bullshit but why let the truth get in the way of a good story?? Facebook