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  1. finished last night as well mate,my game of the year without a doubt,followed by god of war and spiderman. hope the online is decent,got a few lads online that got it,so looking forward to setting up a wee posse and going tonto in St Denis.
  2. just paid a grand for the black Arabian in St denis,fast as fuck,Cannae be arsed searching the mountains for gandalfs mare,already wasted enough time on hunting those legendary cunts.
  3. still feel terrible every time I shoot a deer and you don't kill it first time,watching it squeal and kick as you walk up to it then having to plunge a knife in to finish it off,but hey a mans gotta eat.
  4. i killed everything for food,even the wee chickens.lost honor for it,but couldn't give a fuck,my satchel was bulging wi enough to feed me a week.
  5. Ahaha I done that aswell,was taking the bins out and a squirrel was sitting on the fence,first instinct was to go into dead eye.that's when you know you've been playing too much,Cannae distinguish between the the real world and the game world.
  6. haha the post office guy,you're a sick fuck laudo
  7. the pig farm was truly satisfying,was a right wee evil cunt him.
  8. what's everyone's favourite gun ? I've been using the pump action shotgun,shite at long range but the dismemberment and the way it explodes heads makes it worth using up close,if I'm shooting at range I dual weild with the pistols I got from the gunslinger side missions.
  9. lol i feel your pain mate
  10. the wanted system really pisses me off sometimes,rescued a woman that was being kidnapped,went to untie her and 2 guys are wandereing past,CRIME WITNESSED had to leave her to chase the cunts down to threaten them. another time in town 2 o'driscolls start getting wide so I antagonize them back,pulls a pistol on me and I shoot back WANTED MURDER wtf! so you're no allowed to defend yourself in the wild west? nae bother rockstar.
  11. the fishing mission should pop up as it's story related mate,it's just they're not wandering around camp when they should like all the other characters
  12. that fucking minister does my tits in "mister morgan...mister morgan,I've made a fool of myself mister morgan" just fuck off ya pish stained mess and let me donate some pelts to pearson
  13. i killed it but got lucky as I was on a wee hill overlooking it.missed the first shot at it cos it turned it's head,then the fucker pelted towards me,fuckin shat myself cos I thought it would flee lol,activated dead eye and rattled about 10 shots into it's face,couldn't even recognize the cunt haha.
  14. She only shows up for story missions then fucks off again,check the camp after another few missions and you'll notice.apparantley they all come back at the start of chapter 4
  15. played it for 12 hours straight yesterday and only done 3 missions lol,keep getting distracted with side quests and hunting and fishing challenges. spent about 2 hours yesterday trying to get 3 perfect rabbit pelts for the master ammo bandolier,the fuck am u doing with my life man.
  16. only time I've seen him was when you do the fishing mission cos of the bug,john's just stoating about himself no giving a fuck,thought he'd drowned that dirty wee whore and his bent kid.
  17. been confirmed there's a bug that stops Abigail,jack and the woman you rescue at the start of the game from appearing around camp from when you first arrive at camp until chapter 4.they only show up for story missions e.g fishing then disappear again. seems it's affecting everyone,noticed it myself but I thought they were away doing something else,pure pish! rock star releasing a patch to fix it.
  18. watty.


    No chance,St midden fans brush their teeth wi used tampons.
  19. watty.


    that looks like a fucking golf ball
  20. Same,I'm away out to the forest to get my starfish stretched.
  21. ? least he bought you dinner first mate
  22. found a random npc out in the wild a few chapters ago that had his leg caught in a bear trap,so I helped free him.just met him again outside a store in chapter 3 and he said to go into the store and buy any item and he'd pay for it.bought the dearest gun in the shop,cheers cunt. it's wee things like that which makes me love this game.
  23. you can get raped ? this game just keeps getting better,should prob head into valentine and see If I can get some Vaseline then,oh and hair pomade for my arse crack. aye cheers mate,have fun and try no stay up too late ?
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