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  1. Airdrie Jubilee celebrations

    Parade was fantastic! We went back to glenmavis OH with sons of William old boys who were celebrating ther 40th anniversary, a gr8 day had by all! WATP
  2. Airdrie Jubilee celebrations

    I'll be there with my brothers & sisters from district 64
  3. Central Fife Supporters buses

    Buckhaven & methil RSC bus still leaves fi mcphail's bud, I don't have any contact details for u, but if you fone the pub they'll give u a contact, also there's the Glenrothes loyal that leaves from the ciswo club, hope this helps WATP
  4. Rangers megastore JJB

    Mr response from jjb re. Home tops - if they were being sold cheap due to them being advertised withe spl badges Thank you for contacting JJB Sports. I can confirm that the shirt will not have the Clydesdale Badges on it. This order has been dispatched to you and will be with you shortly. Kind Regards Louise - jjb_sports_outlet
  5. Rangers megastore JJB

    See my edit on last post bud
  6. Rangers megastore JJB

    I've just bought 2 for my kids, but emailed them to say that if they have spl badges on sleeve to cancel & refund b4 shipping I actually saw a couple of bears with spl badges on ther tops @ the game yesterday & thought WTF? Maybe the reason eh?.......it looks fekn hellish!
  7. Rangers megastore JJB

    Are these being sold cheap because they've got spl badges on?
  8. Rangers pubs in Majorca?

    Na, wasni ther then bud, I'm fi leven fife
  9. Rangers pubs in Majorca?

    Aye I was there bud, but was it no the league decider when it rained? The tv broke down & we had to all go up to the Scottish pub to watch it, there was a potato bar next door full of bheggars & it was gettn ready to kick off before the polis turned up with the riot gear on..........what a day! Whatever happened to the Copland nutter? We need to start a campaign to re-instate him to his rightful place. I remember a euro nite when he came in wi a drum & was doing a great job gettn the place rocking, when stewards & polis ejected him......another Ibrox legend! WATP
  10. Rangers pubs in Majorca?

    Sinkys & curlys both near benny hills are bears pubs, does anyone remember the bluebell in magalluf? Wi the copland nutter behind the bar? Haha I'm sure it's shut down now, but wat an atmosphere! I was there for our treble week in 2003 & septics Seville tearfest. Great memories
  11. punters v ST holders

    Cheers lads
  12. punters v ST holders

    a bit of workplace discussion going on here, can someone clarify - if a punter bought a ticket for saturday only, would that have stopped the seat from being sold as a ST? or does the ST holder just get an alternative for that game?
  13. The banging of the advertising boards..

    Aaaah right, that kind of banging, thought a couple of peterheeders were at it wi a ewe or 2, haha!
  14. Charles Green's suits?

    Has CG started his own fashion outlet? Trev Steven & Ahndy Whalker got copies of his grey check number on.....hahaha
  15. Finally a reporter gets it right!

    Shanley reports on SSN - a historic day for Rangers, the 1st time they'll have played league football out with the top division. History intact