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  1. Sounds good. But did you just decide these things in your head, or do you have any reason to say it? Even the Tierney money was all up front?, Why would they do that, if payments are usually made in installments? I think, and hope they are fucked of course, just people making out like they know about how these things work makes me laugh tbh.
  2. The guy has also stolen @born a blue nose's teeth. Not sure if I can get behind this tbh
  3. If it's still fully protected I would go for it mate, nothing to lose really. Apart from the £600 until it gets refunded obviously. I've been staying away from looking, but might have a look soon.
  4. Never heard of a calf fetish, think the camera man has tho
  5. Speccy big brother trying to put all the pressure on the younger one. Prick.
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