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  1. Will always be Mr Rangers to me, a true class act that I always looked up to growing up and to this day. RIP.
  2. From age 11 to 18, so basically from being a wee kid to an adult, all I knew was us winning the league every year under him. And with him being such a class act. I feel quite lucky in a way.
  3. Surely everyone wants all the players to score more? Daft comment imo.
  4. When I went to Copenhagen over ten years ago, everyone I met was sound. But one night I was mwi and walking back into the square, and what looked like riot polis pulled me into their van for crossing the road at the wrong place 🤣
  5. You need a vaccine passport to attend. Sorry.
  6. David Haye dressed up like an 80s pimp
  7. Time will tell. I don't see him being a top player. I hope I'm wrong btw
  8. Says it all about Gilmour. He's not going to be some kind of superstar. He'll be lucky to get back to us, and get a regular game.
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