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  1. good game today
  2. I asked at Partick Subway tonight (Saturday) and was told last Subway Train on Sunday was 7.15pm.
  3. I bought Season Ticket for Club Deck on Friday. Was told it was closed on Tuesday Night so got a ticket for Govan Rear. Your mate will def not be sitting in Club Deck on Tuesday Night.
  4. Listen! Dont panic your secrets safe with me!!!!
  5. Good Luck to Old and New Players now and in the future. History in the Making.
  6. Yes im sure i read also that Charles Green would honour Bond Holder Seats. I bought my son a seat in Club Deck for his 21st Birthday. I saved up for a few years to buy it for him so will be gutted if its lost. Im not looking for money on it but just to know its still there with his name on it then one day he can pass it on to his son or nephews.
  7. i was told the same thing when i phoned that they were getting lots of cancellations.
  8. yes i met this guy evo when i was there 3 years ago. I think he stayed in Paisley for a couple of years? Couldnt believe it when we walked into his bar and saw the football tops. This ended up to be our regular pub during the holiday.
  9. I too have a seat in the Club Deck and was wondering if i had lost my seat. I thought i read somewhere that CG was going to honour the Seats but i wasnt sure.
  10. This is my first post but i had to reply. I find it unbelievable as a fellow Mother!!!! that you would actually let your Son continue with this project at an RC School in this the current situation. Obviously, he seems to be very distressed at the response he has received regarding it. Do you want to put him through more stress!!!! Do your son a big favour and encourage him in the meantime to move on to another project. When his team move on to bigger and better in the future he could do a project on them then.