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  1. Alexander Whittaker Weir Boogy Papac Davis Edu Mendes Lafferty Miller Boyd
  2. Whens the auction CR. Just started on the beer and im hoping its not late on otherwise i may put up my proxy bid with Contacts
  3. Leeds - Won Brentford - Won Southend - Won St Johnstone - Won Wycombe - Drew Another day where one team let me down for £112.
  4. Fulham v Stoke – 90 Minutes - Fulham - Won Derby v Charlton – 90 Minutes - Derby - Won Partick v Livingston – 90 Minutes - Partick - Won Ayr v East Fife – 90 Minutes - Ayr - Won Raith v Brechin – 90 Minutes - Raith - Won Annan Ath v Berwick – 90 Minutes - Annan - Lost Fecking Annan let me down for £180 yesterday by drawing with Berwick the cunts. Think this is about the 4th or 5th time this season that ONE team has cost me £150+
  5. Velicka just held the ball up there with his first touch. Thats more times than Boyd over the last 180 minutes.
  6. Goals worth an extra point to Timmy now and we are fukcing about hanging onto 1 goal victories. Its fucking horrible. We now actually need help from other teams
  7. He was the master of that. Just how many fouls does he have to give away though before he realises. I mean big Kirk stopped Foul Throws after his fourth. Can Boyd no learn ? It was the same on Sunday as well.
  8. Edu has been the stand out and Mendes looks a lot better though still not at his best. Novo is a million times better than Beasley so thank fuk Starvin Marvin is off. Overall, we gotta be happy with this. Even Dailly has looked aw right since coming on...
  9. seriously worried about tonight. This mob are unbeaten at their new stadium.
  10. We score more goals per game when he doesnt play in the SPL than we do when he does play = FACT We concede less goals per game when he doesnt play in the SPL than we do when he does play = FACT It could be called a coincedence but i now think there is something to it
  11. To be fair, i think thats more Smiths fault than Lafferty's.
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