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  1. Singalomnga Max9 (Bygraves) for you youngsters and those with better taste... Wonderful,Wonderful ,Copenhagen... check it on You Tube.Get the Ibrox DJ To play it,we need to sing it and not a bent Scottish referee in sight... ..all together now,,,,
  2. An excellent referee.hardly noticed ...the mark of excellence.
  3. Gerrard and Kent were getting pelters from many on here over the past couple of days. Now it is is a love in.That's football fans for you...hero or zero..no in between
  4. The little lost boy looking in through the stained glass window..he has problems which Freud would find interesting. He has been adopted by the left wing republican luvvies as a poster bhoy...finally he belongs. Just check his twitteraccount if you don't believe me,
  5. The perennial major weakness in Rangers sides in recent years.Used to be where we were stongest...the Iron Curtain
  6. Having a decent pair of central defenders has been our problem for many years and tears now
  7. If we drew them in a tiddlywinks competition I would want to beat them.
  8. If the team stop getting into a fangle defensively...the fans will stop being fickle.
  9. Impressive today and great link play with Morelos and down the left flank with Kent coming inside...all very encouraging. Unfortunately all this good stuff buried under the detritus of terrible defending at set pieces and shoddy tidying upat the back with Katic the main culprit.
  10. 'If they're saying anything negative about the scum, then I fully expect an injunction to be placed on it.' Right on the nail.
  11. doc holliday


    Repeated suspensions and I suspect some domestic issues bearing down on him...he is just a young lad. He does need to listen,,,he used to have an older and wiser colleague to communicate and guide him in the dressing room but he has gone now.
  12. The players need to look at themselves and their mental attitude. They can beat Bragga and not St Johnstone and the rest of the fodder who admittedly do raise their game against us. Rudimentary schoolboy errors cost us dearly today...I will put that on replay for next week.
  13. He was being praised for bringing Kamberi on.Then slagged for the Davis substitution to give him game time and shore up the midfield. Hindsight is a wonderful thing as most of the negative posters on here will tell you.
  14. The very thought of SG going and his coaching team and certain key players with him does not inpire me..in fact it makes me utterly depressed and full of dread to even begin to contemplate it
  15. Davis had nothing to do with the result.Defensive errors losing silly goals and not clearing your lines properly certainly did.
  16. Nightmare game from Katic. For once I agree with every comment Andy Wanker made. And big Boyd summed up the situation succinctly at half time. Katic and Goldson together are a bomb scare.
  17. We are all agreed that abuse.. child ,domestic or whatever is horrendous for the innocents involved. It has gone on for ages in society and the voices of children and other powerless innocents in society have been ignored and suppressed. Getting the guilty in the frame and exposing their crimes usually only occurs long after the event and can lead often to a very unsatisfactory outcome. Football clearly is only a part of a far wider problem.It is shameful that it has taken so long for a spotlight to be shown on this matter
  18. Sellick Directors involved in a business relationship with the main abuser ,ensured he was re employed at the Boys Club despite being fully aware of what was going on.
  19. Why haven't any Scottish based investigative(joke!) journalists or media outlets covered this scandal in any depth and pointed the finger at the main institutional abusers in and outwith football. Because it would point in one main general direction in terms of the concentration and level of abuse and they are very uncomfortable with that fact. In effect very powerful institutional and political censorship is robustly and rogorously applied. They produce the finger wagging and mantra of encouraging sectarianism and racism as a highly effective way of suppressing full and proper coverage.openness and scrutiny.
  20. A special coming up apparently. Focus on the silence and lack of action by the football authorities . Sellick,in particular, coming under the spotlight. Alex Thomson in control....lets see if he plays fair and square on this one.
  21. When Kent terrorises the sellick defence at Ibrox as he will do. A few on here will change their tune...mark my words. He can slug it out with the beasts.
  22. Ryan Kent is marked tightly in every game and sometimes is crowded out by the opposition.He is seen as a real threat.He would be in my team every week,he never hides .
  23. Negative posts about Gerrard were beginning to appear last week on the forum..check it out.But now everything is hunky dory.Who says football fans are not fickle.I hope the second half application against Bragga acts as a spur for the rest of our season.
  24. It's normal behaviour for him ,he has a big careless gob and matching ego. Don't give him the attention he craves . Failed footballer, failed politician and failed pundit sums him up. He will disappear up his own erse soon enough...give it time.
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