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A note of positivity

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If Glasgow's finest win 13 out of our final 15 games we are champions, regardless of who the scum sign!!! They coulda brought in Rooney, Terry, Ronaldo n Kaka but it wouldn't matter a fuck as long as we do what is required!!!

Won't be easy don't get me wrong we have some tough fixtures to come, but our destiny is in our own hands, go on a run like the 2nd half of last season and it's ours!!!

NO SURRENDER!!!!!!! :21:

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I'd expect the tims to drop more points as well in their next few games - that is a LOT of new players to bed in. I'd expect them to finish the season very strongly though, it's up to us to keep plugging away to keep the gap up :) I'd rather be in our situation than theirs anyway.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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