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  1. I think we must respect others political beliefs but with the Scottish independence really hitting the pound it made The Old Firm two of the most politically important clubs in the world at that time. Like it or lump it the Catholic World reached in and took down Rangers and the British government couldn't stop it. How can the chairman be called Charles Green and Craig Whyte. Green and White.
  2. That does nae make sense. It's like Tetris ye need to fit it right in the gaps nawt a mean
  3. I think that's why Mendieta ended up at Middlesborough
  4. I must say I am proud to be Scottish but SNP and 'Gers do not go together because Sinn Fein clearly work with them however I don't think SNP are insecure at all
  5. The SNP independence was instigated by the rest of the world but SNP means you stand against 'Gers. Lakshmi Mittal and Briatore India and Italy tried to make QPR bigger than us. Green and White as chairman. Absolutely came from the top.
  6. Did you know that Valencia and Aragon had a Pope just as Florence and the Jews in there fought with Rome. Neville done some blinding work at Valencia and making them lose every game. As soon as Rangers rise up Valencia come in for us.
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