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  1. The Bheasts will be on absolute meltdoon tonight .
  2. I always laugh when the Bheasts talk about 10 in a row , as if its some sacred thing , many clubs have done 10 in a row all over the World , come to think of it , they havent even " won " 9 in a row , I do like a chuckle at the Yahoos.
  3. I see they have attacked the Police , they really are the dregs of society .
  4. Id deffo give Itten a chance , lets be honest , he is low on confidence , but hes had hardly any game time .
  5. Plenty of pish stained bed sheets ootside the Piggery tonight .
  6. Just think where we were just a few years ago , and where we are now , its night and day , plus the Bheasts were absolutely humiliated again , the future is bright , the future is orange.
  7. The Bheasts have an easy run of games coming up , hopefully that should keep popcorn teeth in a job till Rangers humiliate the Bheasts again in January.
  8. Greatest player of all time RIP.
  9. The Mutants will be comedy gold when the Czeck pub team humiliate them again on Thursday .
  10. I don't usually bother , but the Yahoo are fantastic entertainment value , i cant stop laughing at them.
  11. Heard a few Yahoos saying that Covid is helping Rangers , and want an enquiry into it .
  12. The League has a very long way tae go even if we win tomorrow .
  13. I was kinda shocked when they said during the Hobo v Peado game , that Motherwell had 14 shots at goal against the Bheast , they are for the taking .
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