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  1. Will be a tough game , Saints are playing well , far harder than game against the Yahoo.
  2. Just really found out about this , heavy day on the swally yesterday . Was wondering if the players get a say , as i take it if they join up , they would be banned from playing in the World Cups and European Championships Finals and qualifiers , Scotland wouldnt lose to many players , but the likes of France , Spain and England would be decimated .
  3. How much of a war chest will he get , if he decides tae get aff his arse and get a job ? I cannae see the Bheasts giving him more that £20 million , to rebuild a new team ...The pain of 55 is gonnae hurt them for a while yet .
  4. That was embarrassing from Strachan , he seemed to think he was funny /important before the match , but Sutton and Coisty blew him away ....His meltdown at the end , should make sure he follows Michael Stewart , in not being near Ibrox again , it was cringeworthy at best .
  5. Always nice tae thrash the Bheasts , that was very easy .
  6. Rangers to win on penalties is 11/1 , thought the odds would be higher.
  7. The Bheasts really are a vile support .
  8. Anyone got a punt on , McBookie were giving you a free fiver bet for betting a fiver , bet 3-1 Rangers with Skybet at 20/1 , lets get into these Rheptiles .?
  9. 2/1 the Bheasts on Sunday , Rangers 11/8 , strange that the Yahoos are not favourites , considering they are so much better than us .
  10. Any word in whats happening , is game being put back an hour or moved to Sunday ?
  11. They gae you the Scran thats almost oot of date pal , whats the point of buying a Leg of Lamb oan a Monday , when its oot of date on the Tuesday , and dont say put it in the freezer , Mrs Angus puts her Peach and Raspberry cones in the Freezer .
  12. Borna was very poor today , worst game ive seen him , hopefully get his heid together for the Cup tie against the Bheasts
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