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  1. As i said i dont vote anyone , but i hate some bigoted fanatic on a Rangers site telling me who to vote for ...These scum are not welcome to Rangers in 2021
  2. So if you read the Daily Record , vote SNP , support the Red team on Bargain Hunt , or answer the door tae Jehovah’s Witnesses.you are not a Rangers supporter ....Listen Son , ive been supporting Rangers since you were in Nappies ...Scum like you dont tell me what i should do .
  3. How can any person in Scotland vote Tory son ...FFS
  4. These Dim Wits are living in the past , do these Idiots not realise a large percentage of the Scotland support in the travel club are Rangers . The Scum supporters that say if you vote SNP , Labour / Tory Scum. FFS I wont vote for anyone , but i dislike some Arse that has never set foot at Ibrox like the OP Swagger .
  5. I would never vote SNP or the filthy Tory Party , We should keep politics out of Rangers . Ma Father has voted SNP and Rangers , before half of the Arseholes were born that have posted . Hes been a Rangers supporter since he was born 11th April 1930 .....But because some Teenager Scum like "Swagger " says hes not a Rangers supporter , we should awe listen tae him . You can love Scotland and Rangers FC .
  6. Hartson was absolutely Fizzing at Boydy .
  7. Helander ...The Bheast Slayer .
  8. Correct , it was hard to watch under Murty getting thrashed regularly by Bheast FC , but now the tables have turned , and now we are even humiliating the Bheasts with a 2nd string side .
  9. I see Bheast FC supporters are now blaming the Ref .
  10. Ma mate Tam is a windae cleaner , and he told me Roma have offered 23 million Euros.
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