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  1. ok were all watching the game simmer on the commentary intended for mcgregor comments
  2. come on rangers get right fucking in to these dirty bastards
  3. imo edu is generally just a solid player who puts on a constant performance...but hes not the most technically talented...but he does what is needed every time and that's what we need in our midfield at the moment imo plays for the jersey and fights for everything
  4. he was rather happy....but wasnt as mental as usual...he didnt do his usual run around the stadium to the same effect
  5. its always the fucking same when we play this mob in the cup fuck sake
  6. robbie keane is such a if he does that wee stupid celebration again or kisses that fucking tattoo...il set the queen on him
  7. mad if they were against us yes but the first one was definately a pen
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