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  1. Pedro won/got to the final (can’t remember which) of the Central America version of the CL. Postecoglu did win the Asia Cup as Australia manager, but the sides he faced were the likes of Oman and Hong Kong
  2. I’d keep him as a squad player, he’s talented enough that if we let him go we’ll regret it in 2-3 years time. If he’s nowhere near getting minutes by day Xmas get him on loan again but in England, where a good 6 months means we get a fee...
  3. Hagi on the bench, hopefully he comes on against England and impresses
  4. Solid defender but didn’t really fit in with our playing style under Advocaat. However, considering we eventually ended up with Konterman playing there, he certainly wasn’t the worst player at the time. If I recall correctly we signed him quite late in the year, Murray often liked buying the fans an early Xmas present and Hendry fitted that mould as Scotland captain. There was also a bit of an ego thing about getting one over Jack Walker at Blackburn who had a rival business in the steel industry. Paying £4million was the fucking height of stupidity, but I don’t th
  5. Because he wasn’t a tarrier. Strachans side played far better football than the crap MONs side used to play. They reached the last 16 of the CL twice under him I believe? Which was a pretty impressive feat when you look at the squad they had
  6. It’s a difficult one for the ECB. I feel if he hadn’t used the n-word there might be a way back for him via an apology etc, but he’s really blown it by using that term. Surprised they haven’t removed him from the match...
  7. He’s a better manager than that. Has won titles in Australia and Japan and the Asian Cup which is their Euros. If he’d won domestic leagues in Europe in a couple of mid-size nations, he’d be a pretty good prospect for them. But it’s a massive gamble when he’s not worked in Europe before, especially as Scottish football is a bit of a unique league as well. He’ll improve them, but not enough to challenge straight away. He’s not a big enough name for their fans to be given 2-3 years like Gerrard got, so I can’t see him being a success. Might win a cup with a bit of luck, but I
  8. Seems interesting that they’ve almost excluded club 1872 from buying these
  9. He’s a decent manager but has never managed in Europe at a decent level, which is a big risk. He’s not a big enough name to attract players to them which is what they need right now, so whilst he may be better tactically than say a Lampard, if he can’t get good players in it doesn’t matter
  10. Too important to us to go. Cl is bigger than Olympics. It’ll be difficult, we maybe could’ve got away with it had we not got Kamara suspended for 3 of the qualifiers. Got to manage the situation carefully, maybe offer for him to go for the group stage but he has to come back a week before the qualifiers?
  11. I think that’s part of the problem, in hindsight it would have been better for him to go out and get game time for the last 2 years, but he was needed as back up for the back ups. That’s probably hindered his progress
  12. Alloa realistically will challenge for promotion next year, if he gets them up he’s in the championship and then he’d likely move again to a bigger side. I think he’s being quite smart with it, move clubs every 12-24 months until you’re back in the top flight at a big side, with several promotions under your belt.
  13. Theyre doing fucking well to get that mind. Mental that they let players like him, Eduoard, Christie into the last year of their deals rather than selling when the price was higher. 10iar was the holy grail and they’ve bet the fucking house on it...
  14. Didn’t know that, seems odd? I imagine it’s because there’ll be sides from “bigger” countries in the non champions route they want to protect.
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