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  1. Looks some player, hopefully he pushes himself into the first team squad next year
  2. He’s been off form a bit lately, but I can’t believe people are questioning his signing. Total knee jerk reaction and a bit embarrassing to read in all honesty. Did we overpay slightly for him, probably. But we’ve already knocked back bids for best part of double what we bought him for. He’s contributed in big games in Europe, Old Firms as well as many other crucial games. We will make a decent profit on Kent in the summer once we’ve won the league, which is the way forward for players like him. Would we like more from him? Yes, but that’s also applicable to most players re
  3. Peoples front of Judea. Alex Rae you fucking beauty
  4. It’s full of tarriers but funny when there’s a meltdown. Very little in terms of good patter though, much prefer listening to the likes of Heart and Hand or Open Goal if you want to be entertained.
  5. Had a bad game and hasn’t been in the best of form for the past couple of months. But Barisic only got so many crosses in because Kent drags 1-2 men with him when he goes inside. He’s crucial to how we play and we currently don’t have anyone to challenge him there until Roofe is back. But he wasn’t even the worst player on the park today. Aribo was absolutely woeful at times and ballooned a great chance over.
  6. Looked offside when you see the replay
  7. Aribos not good enough at the moment to be a starter each week. Need Arfield. back as quickly as possible. Least we’ve not lost any ground to the tarriers, unbeaten run continues
  8. He’s invested an incredible amount in us, alongside the likes of Bennett, Park etc. He wasn’t the best chairman though, too many sound bytes and rubbed a few people e.g. Ashley the wrong way. We seem a much more stable and less reactive club now he’s taken more of a back seat
  9. Tarriers have dropped more points since Monday than we have all season. Its done
  10. It’s over. We’ve waited long enough, Rangers are coming
  11. It’s because they press well, even the tarriers are reduced to counter attacks.
  12. We’d absolutely gub the likes of Fulham, Newcastle so I’m not buying the title challenge talk. Even the taigs would finish above sides like them. The transfer fees make English fans think their leagues the best. There’s so many bang average players in that league that go for £20million plus.
  13. Can you imagine? I think their own fans would try and tear the place down if we did it. Kris Boyd would have a smile wider than the Clyde on Sky haha
  14. He’s absolutely fine as a 3rd choice. Remember Balogun only has 6 (or 18 months if we extend his deal) left on his term, Goldsons got 18. Keep Katic and get him learning, we’ve got a ready made replacement who’s already shown he can do it in Europe etc. The boys only recently 24 FFS, he’s so young for a CB and already got almost 150 odd top flight games in him despite an ACL injury
  15. You could argue that Labuschagne is very unlucky to be in that side with Smith, if Smith wasn’t around he’d be considered the best batsman in the world (or between him, Kohli and Williamson)
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