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  1. Finally bought this after getting by on Fifa 19 for the past 2 years. Anyone else finding the computer AI really easy to beat? I struggled on legendary on FIFA 19, but playing it on 21 and I’ve beating sides by 2-3 goals easily
  2. Where’s the fucking rubber ducks you bastards, it’s nearly Xmas!
  3. He’s ex Braga, good player very much the heartbeat of their side by the sounds of it.
  4. Uniteds line up is weird. Their bench is shite as well, think Leipzig will beat them comfortably
  5. Their main issue is wages, they’ve added a lot to their squad this summer and realistically haven’t got rid of anyone on decent wages. Players like Ajeti, Barkas, Duffy don’t come cheap, they’ll all be on £30-40k p/w at least due to their transfer fees/coming from the EPL. What is positive is despite all these additions, they aren’t stronger and haven’t increased the value of their squad. If they don’t get EL/CL one season, they’d need to sell someone for big money. So would we might I add, but our wage bill is a fair bit lower. Their accounts are pretty decent if they can conti
  6. Their accounts aren’t that bad, yes it includes Tierney sale but they also spent £20million, so it almost balances out. The fact they’ve still made a slight pre tax profit with some months of Covid in those accounts, will be better than most clubs. Ours will be far worse when they come out, but our board are happy covering it as it stands. I’d expect us to lose approximately £7-10million when our accounts are out. Next years accounts will be interesting for them, as they’ve spent £15+million and sold no-one. Plus their wage bill being as high as it is and no CL football...
  7. Yeah I work with a guy from Geneva and he said house prices are unaffordable for basically everyone. They drive over to France to do their supermarket shops Have to say I thought Geneva was a bit of a dump, Zurich was much nicer IMO.
  8. How on earth do you afford it? Are wages sky high, as prices for food/clothes etc are ridiculous
  9. He’s fine against the cannon fodder, especially at Ibrox. Hopefully one of Roofe/Morelos/Itten steps up for the other games
  10. That bench is outrageous, one of the strongest I’ve seen since the Advocaat era
  11. I think the league cup final affected him much more than anybody realised. He is a shadow of the confident player he once was. Strikers do have these patches of off form, but the worrying this is that he’s barely kicked a ball in all of 2020
  12. These are the type of days that we need to swat them aside, don’t give them or the tarriers any hope. Hopefully the sheep turn up for a change, fancy McCrorie to score against them. But, regardless of their result we have to get 3 points in a convincing manner
  13. Tarrier-esqe behaviour this. We don’t need to give them motivation, TLb is a master at building siege mentality’s. We just need to go about our business quietly, rather than giving them something to rally round
  14. He’s like playing with a man down at present. First touch is horrendous and he squandered about 5 promising attacks with woeful decision making. Needs benched, brought on against one of the weaker sides in the league so he can get some goals. Doesn’t even look like a £2 million striker at present, let alone £20million. He’ll come good again, but we’ve got better options in Roofe and Itten on current form
  15. He’s blatantly spelling AL for Anderlecht, who cares. Hope standard get hammered for their coaching staff putting the head on our player, that’s fucking scummy
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