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  1. Midfield, Jack can’t be relied upon anymore and Aribo can’t play in CM in big games as he loses his man constantly. Plus Arfield looks on the decline and Davis is 36. We need to invest in CM urgently this summer
  2. It was a great season for the club, but ultimately it also marked the end of an era as 6 months afterwards we’d completely collapsed domestically and in Europe.
  3. He improves them which is a slight concern. But I think he’s very much a manager who could come unstuck for a season or two before he has his personnel in. Does he get 2 seasons to bed in like Gerrard did? Not a chance
  4. He’s certainly not a bad manager, you don’t get a side promoted from EFL2 to the EPL in 7 years without being a good coach. I don’t think any other manager has ever done that in England in history (although happy to be proved wrong). His issue will be the do Plan A better mentality that he has, which was ultimately why Bournemouth got relegated. It’s very similar to the likes of Warburton, Mowbray and other similar managers who’ve came and struggled in the top flight. My worry is that if he gets to bring in his own back room staff, they’ll improve overnight because Lennon a
  5. Pat Nevin actually said he was the best LB in the world after that performance. Not even the best LB in his league. Why are these cretins allowed to voice their opinion when it’s completely and utterly wrong
  6. I think you can measure how good a player is by how he improves those around him. Weir made the likes of Cuellar, Bougherra, Wilson look elite level and got 2 of them EPL moves off the back of his organisation of the back line. None of the 3 ever reached anywhere near the heights elsewhere without him to play alongside. Final season he was a bit of a hindrance as we had to sit too deep to cover his lack of pace at times, but he was a fantastic signing and one of the best CBs we’ve had in recent times.
  7. What kind of money do people think we would realistically get for him. I can’t see any club bidding more than say £7-8million for him in current circumstances, not sure if that’s enough money to make it worth our while.
  8. So you’re saying our all time record goal scorer in Europe is a shite suggestion? How many goals did Hateley score in Europe for us out of interest? Because it must be a huge amount against some world class sides, for my suggestion to be shite...
  9. He really wouldn’t, barring his slight lack of pace he’s solid. He was never ripped apart in serie A and barring Benfica, has been great in Europe. We’ve never lost a league game that he’s played in and he’s been here 2 years He’d stroll playing for a bottom half EPL side in most games
  10. McGregor over Goram, just. Could be argued Morelos if he stays for another couple of season and continues to rattle goals in Europe.
  11. I think Lazio would be a bad move, he’ll not be in their starting 11 and I doubt would make the bench most weeks. Anything over £10million with some form of sell on clause and he’s gone. Shame as he’s ridiculously talented, but he’s no irreplaceable for us in a way that Barisic, Kent or Kamara are
  12. Him and Kent are untouchable this summer for me, sell either one of those and we’ll go backwards as we can’t replace them. The likes of Morelos, Aribo we have a chance at replacing or bringing in someone at a similar level/level below. But Kent and Kamara are just too good, hopefully we keep them both for another 12 months and then they can go with all our best wishes if they need to play in the EPL.
  13. We’ve got to bury them this summer. Qualifying for the CL is pretty much essential, but we’ve got to make sure we sell smart and don’t weaken ourselves. Don’t give them any hope, the league next season is weirdly almost as important as 55, because it guarantees £30million in revenue due to CL spot
  14. I think if we can get £5million plus for Aribo we should sell. Flatters to deceive and can’t play CM unless it’s against bottom half teams. Nice lad, but doesn’t appear to have that drive to succeed with us. I could see him doing better a club with less pressure that doesn’t need to win each week
  15. Joe Aribo isn’t a big game player for me. Gives possession away constantly and gives up his man far too often
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